Honey Singh’s Wife: ‘He Has Relations With Many Women, Treated Me Like Animals’

Singer Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar filed a petition in Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court under ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, alleging domestic violence against her husband. Honey Singh’s wife made many serious allegations against him. In this case, the court has asked Honey Singh to reply to it before August 28. Shalini Talwar has accused Honey Singh of physical violence, sexual violence, mental harassment, and economic violence. According to reports, Shalini Talwar has made many big revelations about Honey Singh and also accused his family.

According to reports, Shalini Talwar has revealed that she has been living in constant fear for the last several years. According to reports, she told that Honey Singh’s family was constantly hurting her physically. In his petition, she said, she is being assaulted by Honey Singh for the past many years. Shalini said that Honey Singh and his family had broken her mentally and emotionally so much that she felt like she was an animal. She told in the petition that she was treated very badly.

Shalini Talwar accused Honey Singh used to beat her and had sexual relationships with multiple women

Honey Singh

Shalini Talwar has also accused Honey Singh of cheating. She disclosed in her petition that Honey Singh had relations with other women as well. Along with this, she called Honey Singh an addict to alcohol and drugs. She said, “Honey Singh was not wearing his engagement ring and also Honey Singh used to beat me up for posting wedding pictures online. Apart from this, Shalini Talwar has also alleged that her father-in-law also misbehaved with her.

Honey Singh

According to reports, Shalini has demanded a compensation of Rs 10 crore in the case, saying that she has been treated like an animal in this relationship. Shalini also urged the court to order Honey Singh to give her a check of five lakhs every month for the rent of her house in Delhi, so that she does not have to depend on her mother.

Shalini has said in her petition that Honey Singh had assaulted her during their honeymoon as well. She told in her petition that when she went to Mauritius for her honeymoon, Honey Singh’s behavior seemed to have changed somewhat. But when I questioned him, he shouted at me. Shalini has also made Honey Singh’s parents and sister accused in the case.

According to the report, in the notice issued by Shalini’s counsel to Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh’s singer Honey Singh, it has been said that he has been directed not to sell or involve anyone else in the joint property in Noida. Along with this, instructions have been given not to touch the jewelry of wife Shalini.

Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar converted 20 years of friendship into love. Both of them got married in the year 2011. Although very few people know about the marriage of these two. In between, Honey Singh’s name was also associated with Diana Uppal, but it did not affect their relationship.