Why Mrunal Thakur Was Replaced By Anushka Sharma In Sultan, Salman Khan Reveals

Salman Khan recently revealed why Anushka Sharma replaced Mrunal Thakur in the movie Sultan. He said that Mrunal Thakur did not possess the wrestler-like appearance required for the role.

Ali Abbas Zafar directed the Indian Hindi-language sports drama “Sultan” in 2016. Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma play the film’s key roles. Sultan Ali Khan, a wrestler with personal and professional issues, is the movie’s main character. The film was well-received by reviewers and enjoyed economic success.

The Filmmakers Considered Mrunal Thakur For The Role

During an episode of Bigg Boss 15, host Salman Khan stirred up excitement with a surprising revelation about his blockbuster film Sultan.

The Bollywood star shared a fascinating anecdote involving actors Mrunal Thakur and Shahid Kapoor, who were on the show to promote their film Jersey.

Salman disclosed that Mrunal Thakur had been the initial choice for the role of Aarfa in Sultan, a part that eventually went to Anushka Sharma. According to Salman, Mrunal had even visited his Panvel farmhouse for discussions with him and director Ali Abbas Zafar. However, despite her audition, the team concluded she wasn’t the right fit for Aarfa’s character.

The decision stemmed from the role’s physical demands, as Aarfa portrayed a wrestler in the film. Salman explained that they were seeking an actress who embodied the athleticism and appearance of a wrestler, which Mrunal didn’t quite fulfil at the time.

Mrunal herself attributed this to her weight loss, suggesting that it might have affected the casting decision.

Anushka Sharma’s Preparation For The Role

Ultimately, the role landed in the capable hands of Anushka Sharma, who delivered a memorable performance as Aarfa. Her chemistry with Salman Khan on screen became one of the film’s standout features.

Box Office Triumph

Sultan, made on a budget of £90 million, soared to immense success, raking in an astonishing £623.33 million worldwide. The film’s commercial triumph solidified it as the ninth highest-grossing film ever. The revelation adds a fascinating layer to Sultan’s casting process, highlighting the intricacies of selecting the perfect fit for iconic roles.