Every person is a sexual being, and the best person who can tell if you’re happy with your sexual side is none other than you. If you came from a conservative family or cultural background, you might have some hesitations about expressing your sexual side to the fullest. But you don’t have to think twice about doing it, so long as you’re not hurting yourself or anybody. As an adult, you’re responsible for your own body and finding the best ways to provide what it needs. 

So, check the following tips below to help you feel more comfortable with your sexual side: 

1). Know Your Sexual Needs 

A crucial step to feel more comfortable with your sexual side is to know your sexual needs. Because every person is unique— each has his or her sexual priorities. For example, one might need sex at least thrice a week to feel fulfilled, while others need daily stimulation to attain sexual satisfaction.

Sexual stimulation can be triggered by a person or a thing, such as a personal private part massager or vibrator. For instance, some adult single or unmarried men prefer to have sex with real women on a one-night stand or casual sex to achieve full sexual stimulation and orgasm. On the other hand, ladies can use their fingers or vibrators and find this act acceptable and sexually fulfilling. If you need one, you can check out this review to learn more. 

2). Know What Sexuality Means To You  

Sexuality refers to a person’s feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and attraction towards other people, which is personal, diverse, flexible, and unique. Sexuality is a vital aspect of a person’s totality.
It may take some time to know your sexuality. You may find it confusing, and your preference may change over time. A person might be sexually attracted to men or women, or even both. In sexuality, there’s no right or wrong.
Here are the common terms used to describe the different types of sexuality:  

  • Heterosexual: This type of sexuality is also called ‘straight.’ It means that you’re attracted to the opposite sex, such as men who like women, and vice versa.  
  • Homosexual: This sexuality refers to having sexual attraction for the same sex. Women who are attracted to women are called lesbians. On the other hand, gays are men who are attracted to men.  
  • Bisexual: People who are sexually attracted to both men and women are called bisexuals.
  •  Asexual: This term refers to a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction. People experience asexuality because of different ways, such as devoting themselves to religious work through sexual abstinence.

Note that you don’t need to adopt a label or choose a type of sexuality to describe yourself.

3). Equip Yourself With The Right Knowledge And Skills Knowledge is a powerful weapon to keep yourself protected while expressing your sexual side comfortably and confidently. From the way you look to the things you do, it’s important to be extra careful to ensure you’re not compromising your health and safety.


What are the things you need to learn to increase your knowledge and skills and become more comfortable with your sexual side? 

  • Sex Education: It consists of basic sex education terms, such as cunnilingus or fellatio, that would spark your partner’s interest in you. Whether you’re doing it with your spouse, a boyfriend, or a no-strings-attached bed partner, knowing a bit about sex education will spark a good conversation and satisfying foreplay. 
  • Existing Laws: Enjoy showing your sexual side by abiding by existing laws. For example, you have to follow safety protocols during this pandemic by engaging in safer sex. It’s one way to avoid acquiring or transmitting COVID-19 that could endanger people’s lives.  
  • Safe Sex Practices: Aside from the threat of the current pandemic, you also need to know the consequences of not engaging in safe sex. It could result in sexually transmitted diseases, such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Be mindful and follow safe sex practices, such as using condoms and birth control pills.  


You can feel comfortable with your sexual side by applying the tips shared above. Knowing your sexual needs and sexuality will enable you to better express yourself and attain sexual satisfaction.

Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills. Read up on current news, health updates, and relevant information that may affect your sexual life. Be responsible and accountable for your actions—prioritize your life, health, and safety above other things. Enjoy your sexual life and be confident expressing your sexual side using the right sex toys, materials, and other devices.