“I Promise You My Bee”, Sukesh Chandrashekhar Wishes Holi To His Love Jacqueline Fernandez In A Letter!

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is now in Delhi’s Tihar Jail for extorting over Rs 200 crore from the wife of former promoter Fortis, sent a “love letter” to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez wishing Happy Holi. Interestingly, Chandrashekhar’s letter also reached the media, his family, supporters and “haters” expressing his wishes for Holi and thanking him for presenting his “version” to the public.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Wishes Happy holi to Jacqueline Fernandez


Then he turned to Fernandez saying, “I wish the most fantastic human, my forever happiness and beautiful Jacqueline.On this day of color celebration, I promise you that faded or lost colors will come back to you over 100 times. This year in full of jazz and brilliance.I will make sure that and it’s my responsibility.You know, I will follow you to the end. I love you, keep smiling. You know very well what you mean to me and how much you mean to me. I love you my princess, miss you alot my bee, my bomma.I love you jackie”.

Also wished Valentine Day to actress

In the past, Chandrashekhar also wished the actor a happy Valentine’s Day while he was on trial in Delhi. Fernandez was accused of throwing away Rs 7 crore as crime proceeds at Chandrashekhar. Last month, the Department of Law Enforcement (ED) arrested Chandrashekhar in a new money laundering case in connection with defrauding the wife of former Religare promoter Malwinder Singh, posing as a trade union chamber and legal secretary.

Jacqueline Claims sukesh made her life Hell

At a hearing before the Patiala Court in Delhi, Chandrashekar argued that Fernandez was not involved in the fraud. Meanwhile, Fernandez claims that he made her life hell and ruined his career and livelihood.