‘I Went Jobless…’; Vivek Oberoi Supports Priyanka Chopra’s Remark On Dark Side Of Industry!

Priyanka Chopra set the industry ablaze when she spoke up about her reasons for leaving Bollywood.  After the podcast episode was released, the internet started talking along with other prominent Bollywood stars like Vivek Oberoi. Responding to Priyanka Chopra’ s revelations, he recalled his own infamous press conference 20 years ago. Talking about the same he mentioned ‘It’s been one of the dark sides of our industry’.

Vivek talks about being at the receiving end of lobbying

Concurring to Priyanka’s statement where she mentioned that she was being ‘pushed into a corner’ and that nobody was casting her, Vivek spoke up that he was at the receiving end of lobbying. He also mentioned that he went through a lot of stuff that was ‘unnecessary’.

Speaking up to Hindustan Times he mentioned ‘A lot of lobbies, a lot of repressive stories – kind of what Priyanka has been alluding to also. That’s been a hallmark of our industry, unfortunately. It’s been one of the dark sides of our industry. And I’ve been on the receiving end of it. I know how frustrating it is, it can make one feel extremely exhausted and tired’.

Being Jobless for 14 months

He further mentioned ‘You feel like, I’ve just delivered an award-winning, commercially successful performance in Shootout at Lokhandwala and after that, I’m sitting at home for 14 months, not getting any work. When I went through that, I kept thinking, I want to do something beyond, I wanna do something empowering, something that takes me beyond that”.

Industry is an insecure place

Concluding the conversation, he also compassionately mentioned that the industry is an insecure place. ‘The industry is a very insecure place. Artists by nature live in a very fragile state because they’re more vulnerable. Whether it was the MeToo movement, the casting couch, or just bullying, lobbying – all of these things take the joy out of the creativity. I’m glad these things are being spoken about and slowly will go away’.

Vivek Oberoi has been known for being mistreated by the entertainment industry. The conversations among multiple actors has time and again implied that Bollywood is a fragile place for an artist. Apart from Priyanka Chopra and Vivek Oberoi many other stars have spoken up about similar issues that they have faced and overcome in their career.