‘I Was Afraid I Might Fail’: Vivek Oberoi Recalls Days Of Struggle

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is one of the well-known actors in the industry. Vivek Oberoi’s journey in Bollywood has been full of ups and downs. From ‘Omkara’ to ‘Saathiya’, the actor acted in several films in his career spanning over two decades. Recently, Vivek made several revelations recalling the struggles and love life of the early days of his career in the industry.

In an interview given to a website, Vivek revealed many secrets related to his life and remembered his struggle. The actor had to work very hard to get his debut film ‘Company’ in the industry. He never got the benefit of being a star kid and neither did he want to. Vivek said, “I don’t know whether I chose ‘company’ or ‘company’ chose me. At that time everyone used to tell me that I was making a big mistake. When I came back from New York after studying film, people had decided long ago that my father would launch me in a film. My father had also signed me to do a film which Abbas Mastan was producing. I had lost sleepless nights when I realized this because I never wanted to see my father’s head bowed. My idol was always my father, so I was afraid that I might fail.”

Vivek reveals that one day he woke up and told his father that he could not do this film and that he was all set to struggle and find work on the basis of his ability. “From that day I went to different producers, stood outside their doors and gave ‘auditions’. It took me 15-16 months to do all this. I even gave up my surname to stand on my own feet because I didn’t want to do a film because of my father’s name. I wanted to become an actor on my own merit. It was a very critical time in my career. Then one day I heard that Ram Gopal Varma is making a film named ‘Company’ and somehow I got a chance to meet him.”

During this, while talking about his love life; Vivek said that “The more girls I dated, the more lonely I felt in my life. During that time I felt very low and because of that, I started feeling very irritable. I just wanted to be casual and that’s what I did. After such a bad love experience, I am now very happy with my wife.” Talking about Vivek’s work front, during his long film career, the actor acted in many films. Movies starring Vivek include ‘Saathiya’, ‘Yuva’, ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ etc. Vivek will soon be seen in the film ‘Kaduva’.