Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Divorce Rumors With Ben Affleck: ‘You Know Better Than That’

Particularly when it comes to her relationship with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has never been afraid to address rumours. At a recent press conference for her new Netflix movie Atlas, Lopez was asked directly about the lingering rumours of her and her husband’s divorce. According to E! News, Lopez, who is renowned for her honest style, answered in a way that astounded everyone in the room.

What Does Lopez Say?

The Oscar-winning actor’s wife first laughed off a reporter’s question regarding their marital status. However, she quickly adopted a more serious tone, leaned in, and remarked, “You know better than that.” As per E! News, her Atlas co-star, Simu Liu, also jumped to her defence, saying, “C’mon, don’t come in here with that.”

Jennifer Lopez refuted the rumours during the press conference, but she has not kept quiet about her relationship with Affleck entirely. She brought up her husband in passing during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 20, talking about a special meeting she had with Barbra Streisand. Lopez shared that Streisand admired the engagement ring Affleck gave her, commenting, “So that’s a big diamond.” Lopez noted that Streisand’s response amazed her and said she thought the moment was bizarre.

Lopez also discussed her family, mentioning her 16-year-old twins Max and Emme, whom she and her ex-husband Marc Anthony share. She humorously noted how her children find it “awkward” to watch her perform in provocative costumes, adding, “I do sexy things at home sometimes, but they don’t know that.”

Ben Affleck on divorce

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, has remained silent about the divorce rumours. However, actions speak louder than words, and he was seen wearing his wedding ring during a May 19 outing with Lopez, as confirmed by E! News. Jennifer, too, was spotted with her platinum band at the Los Angeles premiere of Atlas on May 20.