‘Kaala Jaadu…’; BJP Slams Congress Party’s Black Shirt ‘Drama’ Over Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification!



Anurag Thakur, a Union Minister, called the Congress party’s “black shirt” protest against Rahul Gandhi’s exclusion from the Lok Sabha a “drama”. He questioned the party’s adherence to the court’s rulings. Gandhi was the target of another jab from Thakur, who said that Rahul Gandhi’s haughtiness stopped him from accepting the court’s decision in a defamation lawsuit brought against him.


To protest the Center’s inaction on the Adani issue, the opposition parties marched in black from the Parliament complex to Vijay Chowk.

Anurag Thakur On Rahul Gandhi’s Case

Anurag Thakur, a BJP politician and Union Minister, claims that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s “arrogance” is what caused him to reach the stage where he is disqualified from the Lok Sabha despite having received a warning from the Supreme Court once. According to Thakur, Rahul Gandhi resorts to gimmicks to achieve his cheap popularity.

On Tuesday, Anurag Thakur wondered that if it was a deliberate action or a conspiracy on part of Congress leaders. He characterized Gandhi as a “serial offender” who has multiple cases of defamation registered in various courts even after being warned.

As per the media reports Thakur was heard saying: “Rahul Gandhi and Congress have been insulting the OBC community. Has the Congress party stopped believing in the courts? Rahul Gandhi’s arrogance is such that he did not apologise to the OBC community, or in the court. He is not ready to accept the court’s judgment. The order was of the court. His membership ended soon after the court delivered its verdict. Why are they creating this drama now?” He has questioned the Congress party, who will keep wearing black clothes after doing black deeds.

BJP Leader, Piyush Goyal on Rahul Gandhi’s Case

Piyush Goyal, another BJP leader is of the believe that the Congress is not letting the parliament run smoothly. It is trying to mislead public by making statements. Congress’ people entered into the house in black clothes. He further claimed that they sought to disrespect the constitutional laws of India.

The second leg of Parliament’s Budget session has been disrupted by a full-fledged controversy. The controversy has ignited due to the remarks made by Rahul Gandhi during his visit to the UK. Both the BJP and the Opposition have remained steadfast in their demands. The BJP wants Gandhi to applogize for his comments. The Opposition is still insisting for a joint parliamentary investigation into the Adani situation.

Anurag Thakur on Rahul’s Savarkar Remarks

Gandhi could never be Veer Savarkar, said Thakur in response to Gandhi’s recent declaration that he would never apologise for attacking the BJP-led government. Thakur claimed that Savarkar can never be Rahul Gandhi. Savarkar never spent six months travelling overseas. He was devoted to the freedom of the nation. The former prime minister Indira Gandhi Nehru should have been honoured, but Rahul Gandhi can never be Veer Savarkar. Together with Savarkar, he also called them names.

Mashal March In Delhi

On Tuesday, the Congress announced a “Mashal” march from the Red Fort to the Town Hall in Chandni Chowk, in the evening. The protest was in opposition to party leader Rahul Gandhi’s exclusion from the Lok Sabha. According to news agency ANI, several Congress members of parliament took part in the ‘Loktantra Bachao Mashal Shanti March’ that began at Red Fort at 7 p.m.

Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification Case

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, was expelled from the Lok Sabha on Friday, one day after he was found guilty of defamation by a Surat, Gujarat, court. His “remark about the Modi surname” led to his conviction. Rahul Gandhi remarked on Saturday at a press conference in Delhi on his disqualification, “My name is not Savarkar, my name is Gandhi, and Gandhi does not make an apology to anyone.”

Stage Protest Of Rajasthan Congress

In Jaipur, young people protesting against the central government blocked the Jaipur-Ajmer Highway next to a 200-foot bypass. Traffic backed up on both sides of the motorway as a result of the protest. Govind Singh Dotasara, the president of the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress, has instructed all the district units to organise satyagraha demonstrations. They will happen on Sunday in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue against the BJP-led Central government.


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