Kapil Sharma And Bharti Singh’s Toddlers Make Ramp Debut; Receives Backlash!

It’s well known that Kapil Sharma has a terrific sense of humor and can keep his audience engaged. The acclaimed comedian most known for anchoring The Kapil Sharma Show astonished everyone with his debut in acting in Nandita Das’ Zwigato. Fans have always praised Kapil Sharma for his singing abilities, and this year, he also made his debut with Guru Randhawa. With success shining brilliantly upon him, Kapil Sharma’s career has been on an upward track. A recent incident involving him and another performer, Bharti Singh, on the other hand, has drawn criticism.

Kapil Sharma’s Daughter Anayra Takes the Ramp

In a fashion show, Anayra, Kapil Sharma’s three-year-old daughter, walked the runway beside him. Concerned people voiced their outrage over the sight of toddlers participating in a fashion walk, claiming that small children shouldn’t be included in such events. The argument over whether the circumstance is age-appropriate and may have a detrimental effect on the child’s well-being makes it contentious.

Kapil Sharma and Anayra can be seen wearing matching black outfits in a video that is becoming viral online, with the young girl donning a black gown and adorable accessories. Anayra may seem cute and exude confidence, but some contend that subjecting young children to the demands and pressures of a fashion show can harm their development. Discussions regarding the morality of using young children in the fashion business and the possibility of exploitation of their innocence for profit have been aroused by the controversy around this event.

Bharti Singh’s Son Laksh Makes a Debut

Similar criticism was directed at Bharti Singh, another well-known artist, when she walked the runway alongside her son Laksh, also known as Gola. Regular social media posts and vlogs by Bharti documenting Gola’s actions have already drawn notice. However, the choice to have Gola participate in a fashion show raised questions about the effects on his well-being and if such exposure at such a young age is appropriate.

Debate on Age-Appropriateness and Potential Negative Impact

Some claim that enabling children to engage in activities that place a high value on looks and outside approval may cause them to develop unrealistic beauty standards and negatively influence their self-esteem in the future. They want more rigid rules and restrictions to safeguard children’s rights and welfare in the entertainment business.

As the debate develops, significant issues of when kids should participate in public performances and fashion exhibits are discussed. While some argue in favor of allowing kids to experiment with different things, others emphasize the necessity to give physical and emotional growth to children a priority.

Backlash and Ethical Concerns Surrounding Toddler Fashion Walks

Undoubtedly, the presence of Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh’s young kids in a fashion walk has created controversy, prompting a more extensive social debate over the morality and probable repercussions of exposing infants to such activities.