Kate Winslet Was A Victim of Hollywood’s Body Shaming: Says The Industry Has Evolved

“Mare of Easttown” actress Kate Winslet expressed joy that the Hollywood industry has evolved. She compares it to her starting days when she was body-shamed. As she recalled her grave encounters, she also felt that the current-day Tinsel Town is much better. Kate observed that female actors have good opportunities among the younger generation.

Fat-Shaming Was Common in Showbiz

The “Titanic” star was a guest on the Today show recently, where she talked about her battles with body shaming. “There was a lot of fat-shaming that would go on back in the day.” Ever since she set foot in Hollywood, she was trolled for her curves and fat-shaming was the norm.

Kate Winslet in Titanic

“I think about the moments I did have to kind of say, ‘Well, look, I’m going to be myself and I have curves and this is who I am.’” The Oscar winner was never afraid of the spotlight and never stopped herself from expressing her thoughts, but felt sad when she was treated differently for how she looked. “It was a different time,” she adds, saying that she was called a ‘fat girl.’ Kate Winslet also revealed she had to face questions about her weight. 

The Tides Have Changed

That said, Kate acknowledges that the industry has changed for the better. “It’s really interesting how much has changed.” She continued that the harsh landscape of conventional beauty standards in Hollywood has evolved. Over the past few years, the emerging talent of female artists who are full of self-assurance impresses Kate Winslet. 

Kate Winslet
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She says that young stars are “born with a voice,” while she had to go through a cultural shock of sorts back then. Back home, everyone valued authenticity, while in Hollywood, people were narrow-minded. “They have a voice. They stand up for themselves. It’s an exciting time for younger actresses to be coming into an industry like this one. It’s changed so much. It’s wonderful.”

Kate Winslet Champions Empowerment

As Hollywood welcomes a new age of self-acceptance and inclusivity, Kate feels that this shift makes her feel relieved. She compares this to when she faced trolling and ‘borderline abusive’ criticism from “Titanic” fans. Now, people uplift others rather than put them down. 

Kate Winslet with daughter

As “The Reader” actress tries to impart body positivity and self-love to Mia Threapleton, her daughter,  this attitude shift is crucial. For today’s women, representation in the truest form is extremely important. Kate Winslet’s upcoming projects include “The Regime” an HBO original, a documentary called “DreamScapes,” and James Cameron’s “Avatar 3.”