Kiara Advani Recalls Why Did Sidharth Make ‘Watch Gesture’ At Wedding, Says “There Was Some Issue..” Read Here!

During Kiara Advani’s appearance on the popular show ‘Koffee With Karan’ season 8’s latest episode, she revealed many unknown details about her proposal and wedding to Sidharth Malhotra.

Kiara shares why Sidharth made the ‘watch’ gesture in their wedding video

On February 10, 2023, following her marriage in Jaisalmer, Kiara teased her fans with a terribly cute wedding video, leaving them in a state of shock. The lovely Varmala moment was nothing short of dreamy, especially against the restored version of the song Ranjha from the pair’s movie Shershaah. Kiara recently appeared with Vicky Kaushal, her co-star in Govinda Naam Mera, on the popular reality show Koffee With Karan season 8. As Kiara appears in the seventh episode of the show, she discloses that Sidharth’s gesture of peering into his watch was real and unscripted.

Talking about the same subject, Karan Johar disclosed on Koffee With Karan 8 that the actress was running late for Sidharth and Kiara’s wedding. Nevertheless, Karan was overheard praising Sid-Kiara’s wedding and saying,  “It was such an intimate wedding; they were so filmy when they met. I didn’t know that any of this was planned” Further, he hinted at the watch gesture the actor did during Kiara’s entry. Talking about it, the actress also mentioned that it was an edited shot. However, to this, Karan replied, “That was edited because you were very late Kiara.” Soon, Kiara mentioned, “It was the earliest baraat.”

Kiara shares how she also doesn’t have a picture with her bridesmaids

However, Karan persisted in telling Vicky that Sidharth’s baaraat was being patient and vibrating completely for a considerable amount of time. Still, Kiara arrived at her wedding incredibly late, and people had already begun to criticise her. The renowned filmmaker laughed heartily as he said, “This had made the guests over there forget everything else,” mentioning how stunning she looked once she walked the aisle. To quote Karan Johar:

“You know how Punjabis are at the baaraat. The baaraat was filled with such vigour and energy which kept increasing. But then it reached a point where we were like, koi Kiara ko bulaao ab. Kab aayegi. It was getting so hot, and all of us were tired. So, she was late. By the end of it, you were really being bitched about. Everyone was actually giving gaalis to Kiara but when she came, she was looking so beautiful that it was all forgotten.”

Finally, Kiara admitted she was late and explained why her husband looked at his watch and then at her as she walked down the aisle. Additionally, Kiara gave an explanation for her tardiness, stating that her wedding attire was the root of the issue. Kiara went on to discuss how this left her bridesmaids unhappy and continued, saying:

“Ya and it was from all over. There was some issue happening with my outfit and I got ready very late. So, I couldn’t even click photos with my bridesmaids. I don’t have any pictures. My friends have actually posted their photo saying, ‘We swear there was a bride’ because we didn’t get a picture. I was late.”