KK Love Story: The Singer Married To Childhood Friend Jyothi Krishna- Deets Inside

After the passing of Bollywood’s well-known singer KK, there is grieving in the music industry. His fans and celebs are in shock because of KK’s sudden demise. It is accounted for that KK’s health had crumbled after his show in Kolkata. After that, he had fallen. He was promptly taken to the emergency clinic, where the doctor pronounced him dead. He was just 53 years of age.

KK who is known as Krishna Kumar Kunnath was a major name in the Bollywood music industry. He sang numerous songs in his voice and earned notoriety. However, he got his personal life far from the eyes of the media. Very few people know that KK wedded his childhood friend or you can say, love. His wife’s name is Jyoti. He has two kids, a son and a daughter with Jyoti.

How did KK and Jyoti’s romantic tale begin?

KK had told The Kapil Sharma Show that his first meeting with Jyoti was in class 6. From that point, they were together till now. He was also a genuine One Woman Man. He had said, ‘I have dated just a single lady in my life and that is my better half, Jyoti. I was a shy fellow and could not even date her appropriately. Sometimes my children bother me about this.

found a job for marriage

KK and Jyoti have been together since childhood. Both got hitched in 1991. In any case, before marriage, KK needed to get a job for himself. At the point when he got nothing around then, he accepted the position of a salesman. After that, they got hitched. However, after around a half year, he was troubled by his work. Because of the help of his wife and father, he left this work and followed the way on which his path was written, and that way was music.

After this, KK purchased a keyboard for him and began making jingles with his friends Shibani Kashyap and Saibal Basu. Together, the three also brought in cash from this work, yet KK was not happy, especially content with it. What was lacking in his life was not in Delhi. That is the reason he came to Mumbai. Coming to Mumbai, he tried his hand at music and turned into a major name in the Bollywood business.