Looking For Great S*x Lessons? Lean On To Kama Sutra That Applies Even In Modern Times

Vatsyayan’s Kama Sutra is not just a bible of sex. It carries profound education on sex along with the tools and techniques that lead up to a healthy and gratifying sex life.

5 Great Lessons from Kama Sutra

1. Foreplay before sex

Foreplay matters!
Foreplay matters!

In the throes of today’s fast paced world, sex is often taken for granted; just an act to be done. This advice is especially given for men: Don’t just get down to the final act. Use foreplay to entice your partner.

The book of love making emphasizes on enjoying the process of sex and not to be taken as a mere activity.

‘At the moment when the peak of bliss is attained, the internal and external world vanish. The man and woman cease to be separate entities and lose themselves in the beatitudes of being.’

2. Knowledge makes women alluring and sexually attractive

Kama Sutra highlights the value of women reading the book before marriage. Doing so will make her adept at managing her man and life after marriage. Contrary to modern beliefs, the book also suggests women to learn all 64 acts of intimacy. She will then become more attractive and more desirable. It will eventually lead her to transform into a respectable being into society.

Women should also learn how to play an instrument, proper way of making bed, solving puzzles, indulging in word games and staying updated about worldly affairs.

3. Types of Kissing

3 Types of Kissing, according to Kama Sutra
3 Types of Kissing, according to Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra educates on three types of kissing:

  • Throbbing Kiss
  • Measured Kiss, and
  • Brushing Kiss

However, kissing should not be restricted to the face only. It should be done to explore your partner’s body to discover erogenous zones like the forehead, mouth, clitoris, hair, breasts, chest and the inside of the mouth.

4. Woman should climax first

Woman needs to orgasm first, says Kama Sutra
Woman needs to orgasm first, says Kama Sutra

The book dictates that women have the ability to go on even after orgasm. While the man slumps after reaching his peak point, women can continue the act of sex for longer.

Women can have multiple orgasms, Kama Sutra says. It is important to make your woman climax first.

5. Kama Sutra classification of men and women according to their size

Believe it or not, the book of love also classifies men on the size of their penis. A man can be a bull, horse or a stallion based on his size. When paired with the right size of yoni or vagina, the sex can be a highly pleasurable episode.

Notably, the book also describes positions and methods to have a satisfactory and pleasurable sexual experience if the man and woman do not meet in size.

Man Woman Type of Union
Bull Mare Equal
Hare Doe Equal
Stallion Elephant Equal
Hare Mare Low
Bull Elephant Low
Bull Doe High
Stallion Mare Low
Hare Elephant Very low
Stallion Doe Very high

Bonus Lesson: Kama Sutra stresses hair removal for better sex life

Kama Sutra promotes hair removal for men for a healthier sex life
Kama Sutra promotes hair removal for men for a healthier sex life

Kama Sutra educates men on removing hair from his face and other areas of his body. Not only does it lead to a healthy union with his partner, it also promotes a better and healthy sex life.

The Indian author, Vatsayayan wrote Kama Sutra in 400 BCE–200 CE in ancient Sanskrit.