Mannara Insulted in Abhishek’s Party! Trolled for Calling herself a Winner

Bigg Boss 17 is over, but the contestants of the show still remain in the limelight. There was tension between Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra throughout the season of the show. At the same time, the friendship between Mannara and Abhishek also entertained the audience a lot. Now after Bigg Boss, contestants are hosting parties and also inviting each other. After all this, now once again differences have been seen between Mannara and Munawwar.

Photos and videos of the guests attending the party were shared on social media accounts. Munawar Faruqui, one of Abhishek’s closest friends, was seen arriving at the party with internet sensation Ori aka Orhaan Avatramani. The bromance of Munavvar and Abhishek was also seen in the party.

A lot of friendship was seen between Mannara and Munavvar in Abhishek’s party. Both of them hugged each other and also talked to the media. According to NewsFrom360, During this, the comedian was seen making fun of Manrara. He taunts Mannara and says that there are not one but two winners here. After this statement of Munawwar, everyone present there started laughing.

After this, Abhishek also makes fun of Manrana and says, “Navid is the winner in the NRI category.” At first Mannara laughs a lot at this joke of both of them, but later she becomes upset. Later she points towards Munavvar and says, “And in which category is he the winner?” Munawwar replies, “I am in the winner category.” Then she congratulates them.

In a video from the party, Ayesha is seen dancing with Navid Sole. Mannara and Munnawar were also seen together, while Jigna Vora was seen on the dance floor with others. Navid Sole has shared a selfie with Abhishek and Munavvar.