MC Stan’s Statement On Bollywood Songs: ‘Why They Have To Sound So Commercial’

Rap sensation MC Stan recently talked about his Bollywood playback debut in the upcoming movie Salman Khan’s Farrey. This movie revolves around an orphan genius who got admission into an elite school on scholarship and get entangled in a cheating racket when some of her rich friends lure her into helping them. MC Stan revealed that they wanted a song for a young generation that’s why they choose him.

MC Stan made his playback singing debut in Salman Khan’s film Farrey

Rap sensation MC Stan made clear how he was chosen for the film Farrey. He said, “Salman Khan’s manager Nadeem bhai called me and told me that they wanted me to do a song in Farrey, as it is for the young gen. It is my debut song, and I am and will always be grateful to him for the opportunity. I am doing it because he asked me to. After doing this playback rap, I feel ki mai ek proper gaana bana sakta hu, so mai apne aane wale Bollywood project mai vohi karunga,” Stan tells us, sharing how the opportunity came through.

He further added that, “Initially, they called me to watch the whole film, to understand and then record the song. I wrote the song for Alizeh’s character. And, interestingly, it took me just 15 minutes to write and record the song. Mai samjh paaya tha uss young gen point ko tab,” the 24-year-old states.

Rap sensation MC Stan

Expressing his views on the commercialization of Bollywood songs, he said, “I don’t understand why Bollywood songs have to sound so commercial. When I sent the recording of the rap on my beat, how it is actually done, they (music directors) changed the beat’s vibe a bit because they know what the masses would like, mujhe uss cheez ka koi idea nahi hai. Raps are not made for good vibes; it is intense also. Unn logon ne usko good vibe aur commercialize kardia tha. I feel that jo rapper ne banaaya hai originally, vohi rakhna chahiye, whether it is going to drop anywhere, Spotify, YouTube, film, or independent single,” he continues, “If the artist himself feels that the song has potential, nothing can change that, so it shouldn’t be modified for people.”