Meeta Desai: Building StrongRoots for Future Generations

In a world often overshadowed by doubt and uncertainty, the story of one woman stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring countless young minds to dream, believe, and achieve. Meeta Desai, a formidable force of empowerment whose journey embodies the very essence of resilience and determination.

From humble beginnings to soaring heights, Meeta Desai has navigated through life’s challenges with unwavering grace and unwavering resolve. Raised in a community where opportunities were scarce, she refused to let her circumstances define her destiny. Instead, she embraced education as her ticket to a brighter future, tirelessly pursuing knowledge and wisdom against all odds.

 Meeta Desai is the Founder of StrongRoots – Empowering Knowledge based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; with 18 years of expertise as a mentor, 21st-century skill enhancer, and a consultant/trainer in POCSO and POSH (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences and Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace) laws. Additionally, she serves as a speaker advocating for LGBQT inclusion. As she embarked on her professional journey, Meeta Desai encountered numerous roadblocks and setbacks, each one serving as a testament to her indomitable spirit. But rather than succumbing to despair, she transformed adversity into fuel for her ambitions, emerging stronger and more determined with each obstacle overcome. Meeta is unwavering in her belief that knowledge empowerment should transcend privilege. She’s committed herself to mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, extending her guidance even to maids and residents of slums, ensuring they grasp the fundamental principles of self-development.

Meeta Desai’s impact extends far beyond her achievements. Recognizing the importance of lifting others as she climbs, she has dedicated herself to empowering the next generation of leaders, particularly young women, to break barriers and shatter stereotypes.

Through online and offline mentorship programs, motivational speaking engagements, and community initiatives, Meeta Desai has become a guiding light for those who dare to dream big. With boundless compassion and unwavering dedication, she nurtures talent, instils confidence, and fosters a sense of purpose in every young person she encounters. As the Founder of StrongRoots – Empowering Knowledge; Meeta Desai’s mission is to guide the youth in such a way that they make their roots strong enough that no storm can uproot them.

But perhaps Meeta Desai’s most powerful legacy lies in her ability to lead by example. In a world plagued by inequality and injustice, she remains a steadfast advocate for equality and social justice, using her platform to amplify the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

Whether she’s advocating for educational reform, championing gender equality, or fighting for social justice, Meeta Desai is a force to be reckoned with—a true embodiment of empowerment in action.

As we reflect on Meeta Desai’s remarkable journey, let us be reminded that true empowerment knows no bounds. It is not defined by age, gender, or circumstance but by the courage to defy expectations, the resilience to persevere in the face of adversity, and the compassion to lift others as we climb.

In Meeta Desai, we find not only a source of inspiration but a call to action—a reminder that each of us possesses the power to create positive change in our communities and beyond. Let us heed her example and strive to empower the next generation with the same unwavering determination and boundless compassion that defines her legacy.

Meeta Desai’s achievements resonate loudly—she was crowned as the Face of WOHA (Woman of Heart) Compassionate Heart 2023 in London at an International Speaking Extravaganza, where she proudly waved the flag of India and raised her voice for young girls worldwide, she was further recognized with the Global Voice of Choice award in London and honoured by LOSD (London Organisation of Skill Development) as the Best Speaker on Social Matters at the Lords Cricket Ground. In Mumbai at the National Stock Exchange, she secured the Mentor of the Year Runner-up trophy at Billenium Divas. Beyond these accolades, she has been recognised as the Mentor of the Year 2023 by Icons of Asia and Women Leaders Forum. Meeta’s expertise extends to serving on the judging panel at Nirma University, Ahmedabad for a National Public Speaking Competition and mentoring at Antrapreneur, The Business Incubator, supported by the Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat.

Meeta Desai’s captivating journey involves adeptly juggling these diverse responsibilities. She derives pride from fulfilling each role and duty, recognizing their integral role in shaping her identity. From a young age, Meeta Desai harboured aspirations of independence and crafting her unique success narrative. She aspires to inspire young individuals in their pursuit of self-reliance, making their roots strong enough that no storm can uproot them.

To know more or to connect with Meeta Desai, visit you can email or reach out via WhatsApp at +91 8469701120.