Mumtaz Reveals About Her Latest Viral Dance Video With Asha Bhosle, “I Don’t Dance At Functions” Checkout!

A video of Mumtaz recreating a dance video with Asha Boshle recently went viral on social media. She now discussed the same subject and offered some additional details about her personal life.

Mumtaz reveals she danced on Koi Sehri Babu for Asha Bhosle

In an interview with ETimes, Mumtaz discussed her recent viral video in which she was seen dancing with Asha Bhosle to Koi Sehri Babu. In addition to the nostalgic atmosphere, Mumtaz was seen elegantly showcasing a few dance moves from her original role in the movie. Mumtaz stated that she danced to the song exclusively for Asha when discussing that particular moment. She also shed light on the fact that she typically avoids dancing at different events, saying: 

“I did some simple steps. Waise bachpan mein itni mehenat kari thi toh ab aa hi jata hai naturally. I am just glad that I am still graceful. Waise, I don’t dance at functions, I only did it for Asha ji. She had invited me to her place recently and we danced on the occasion. Har jaga dance karo toh uski respect bhi nahi hoti. Woh kahawat hai na… Qadar kho baithta hai roz ka aana jaana.” To watch the video, click here.

Veteran actress Mumtaz on her special bond with Asha Bhosle

During the same discussion, Mumtaz was questioned regarding her unique equation with Asha. In response, Mumtaz disclosed that she had known the renowned singer since she was a young child. The actress went on to disclose additional details about the same, including the fact that the two were neighbours. She continued, saying: “I have known Ashaji since I was a kid. We were neighbours in Walkeshwar (Mumbai). I knew Lataji (Mangeshkar) too, and they have always been like family to me.”

Mumtaz shares about her fitness regime after battling cancer

Returning to Mumtaz’s personal life, at the age of 54, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she gave the deadliest disease a fierce fight, and ever since, she has supported those efforts. She had to start exercising, though, because she had put on a lot of weight during her protracted medical procedure. She has frequently shared multiple videos online that highlight her rigorous training regimen. Speaking of similar topics, she revealed:

“Two decades ago, I battled cancer. I was not supposed to be on a diet as I was taking treatment. As a result, I had put on a lot of weight. That’s when I started working out and continue to do so. I work out at a gym in London, and in Mumbai, I have a set up at home where I can work out. I work hard to maintain myself and remain fit. It is not only my body, I also focus on my overall well-being. I sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 6 am. I am very particular about my appearance because I don’t want to disappoint my fans.” Click here to watch.

Mumtaz tells she doesn’t want to do those boring ‘typical roles’

She was asked at the end of the conversation if she would return to the big screen. She last appeared in the documentary 1 a Minute (2010), for those who are unaware. She thus concluded her response by saying that she was not interested in playing dull or conventional roles: “I don’t want to do those boring, typical roles. I can play Ranbir Kapoor or Tiger Shroff’s mother on screen, but the role should be interesting.”