Netizens Make Fun Of Nysa Devgan; Says, “She Has Yellow Teeth”

Recently, Btown’s Diwali Bash pictures are trending on various social media platforms. As a result of this, star kids are going through a lot of trolling and facing negative remarks from the Netizens. Star kids including Ananya Pandey, Suhana Khan, etc. have always been a target of trolling by social media users. But this Diwali season Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter ‘Nysa Devgan’ has been the favourite target of Netizens.

People always trolled and criticized Nysa for her dark complexion but this time her ‘ Yellow Teeth’ become an issue of debate. In the above picture, Nysa is leaving Diwali Bash where she is smiling all her heart out with happiness. But instead of appreciating her smile, people noticed her yellow teeth and made fun of her in the comments section.

The trolling was just not about her yellow teeth, but also about her looks. Netizens spotted a huge difference in the way Nysa appeared in the above two pictures. People criticized and trolled her for looking different in two pictures as a result of editing and called her Ugly. There were other comments in which people considered her as ‘Plastic’ for getting cosmetic surgeries done to look fair. Star kids have always been in debate and the public eye due to nepotism and their appearance. After all, this is what the film industry is all about!