New Visual Wave of Feminism; Changing Perceptions

By Kailash Saini

Konkana Sen Sharma, Vidya Balan, and Taapsi Pannu played a key role in feminist entertainment. There are many more, and this new trend has successfully changed the public opinion about gender representation in movies. I first noticed Konkana in Wake-up Sid, she successfully attracted the audience’s attention towards her.

 These youngsters not only changed the perception about women in cinema, but these young actresses have brought a variety of innovation in the content of visual media, thankfully the Indian cinema is not only the source of romantic songs and typical love story 

“Lipstick under my burka”, ‘Dolly kitty or wo chamakte sitare’ and recent Netflix Ajeeb Dastaan, she always proved the gender is not parameter of success in the creative industry either female characters have more ability to influence the viewers

Konkana’s character is more intense in Ajeeb Dastaan than ever before, we can say that Konkana Sen Sharma is one of the pioneers in feminist, her character in Wake-Up Sid is an example of it. Konkana Should be called KSS, like SRK, she has done a great job for the title.

 Vidya Balan also can be considered the innovator in Indian cinema, she has played a key role in gender neutrality in Indian cinema, her latest release Shakuntala Devi has good vibes.

Taapsi Pannu’s work is considered as a reminder of change in Indian cinema. Why reminder, because movies have a short life of shelf in memory, and our social structure is more beneficial toward one gender, we need more content for cognitive change in society, and need more change agents.

Many of you are thinking that why we are shifting our focus on society, because most of the creator of cinema is doing it for the change in society, they feel that society need equal participation of both genders and cinema is a great tool of inventing and strengthen a new and existing culture.

There are many stalwarts in cinema they have did good work, if we see arthouse work, Shabana Azmi, Nadita Das, Smita Patil, but we could there is a black hole for a decade after these actresses has done good range of works, but now the audience and creators of good cinema is growing, and it is the good time to showcase the content on feminism through movies, Netflix has a movie Totta Pataka Maal, so there is a solid need to change the youngster’s perception towards gender in Indian society.

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