Nick Jonas Reacts On Being Called ‘National Jiju’, Checkout What He Said!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the most talked about couples. There is great love between these two and they continue to express that love to the world. The two are not shy about showing affection for each other through social media. Nick recently revealed that in India he is often referred to as a National Jeeju.

Nick Jonas Reacts On Being Called National Jeeju

Priyanka and Nick are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and Bollywood. Both often appear in the media and leave no opportunity to pour out their love to each other. Nick made a name for himself in India in a recent interview and we were delighted to hear it.

He recently appeared in an interview and the interviewer asked if he could call him Jiju. Nick laughed and said yes. Because many people in India call it. The singer also revealed that he once visited India, during which the photographer nicknamed him “Aye Nik-wa”. Nick said I heard that and I am happy to hear .

How Nick Jonas And Priyanka Started Dating?

Nick, who recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show along with his brothers Joe and Kevin, shared how his conversation with Priyanka began. Nick shows her the first message he sent to Priyanka from Priyanka’s phone. A fan in the show asked Nick what messages he actually sent to Priyanka and if he had DMed anyone before.

Priyanka Chopra recently shared her reaction to the podcast when Nick Jonas first messaged her. Due to work problems, Priyanka Chopra recently showed up at the Russo Brothers Citadel. In addition, he has something worth living for. Filming can begin immediately.