Nora Fatehi Slams Paparazzi For Inappropriate Zooming During Interviews: ‘What Are They Focusing On?’

Nora Fatehi is quite famous among people for her charm. During an interview, Nora expressed her anger towards the paparazzi. Let’s find out what the whole issue is.

Model, dancer, and actress Nora Fatehi has made a special identity for herself in the entertainment industry. Nora is also quite active on social media, and her photos and videos go viral daily.

Nora Fatehi Bursts Out In Anger At Paparazzi For that Reason

Meanwhile, Nora Fatehi is quite popular among the paparazzi, and cameras activate as soon as they see her. However, amidst all this, Nora has expressed her anger towards the paparazzi. Nora said during an interview that the behaviour of the paparazzi towards her is not right.

Nora Fatehi
Nora Fatehi

The popular celebrity of the entertainment industry, Nora said that the paparazzi zoom in on her body parts. Speaking with ‘News 18 Shosha,’

Nora said, “I think the paparazzi have never seen such hips before. They not only do this with me but also with other actresses. Maybe they don’t zoom in on your hips because it’s not exciting, but they zoom in on other parts of the body unnecessarily.”

Nora Fatehi

She further mentioned, “Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing to zoom in on, so what are they focusing on?” Nora Fatehi further said, ‘Unfortunately, these are the things that trend on social media. They are just playing the social media algorithm game. Luckily, I have a good body, and I am proud of it. I am not ashamed of it.”

Nora further said, “Perhaps there is a wrong perception behind the paparazzi zooming in on the camera, but this is a separate issue for discussion. I cannot teach everyone a lesson by catching them, but I still walk the same way I used to. I am completely confident about my body.”