Not Interested In Matrimonial Sites Nor Dating Apps Raima Is All Vocal About Her Marriage

Are matrimonial sites are on the dialing list and dating apps a regular to define you being tech-savvy! For sure you are going through the most common feeling endured by many Indian women Feeling pressurised to get married in their life. Society manipulates against you stating your good embedded in their will. Society doesn’t bother about you getting contentment in your respective careers, It believes that one should only be focused and determined to achieve ‘a counterpart in marriage’.

But the million-dollar question is ‘do you need a partner in your life’, ‘are you ready to share your ideas, ideologies, the emotional upheaval of your own life with your better half’, are you sure your preference of ‘better half’ is ‘truly your better half’?

Innumerous questions are prioritized by one statement ‘get married and trust us it will be bliss’.

Recently, Raima Sen rolled out her statement about her marriage plans, at a press conference in Kolkata that she has decided not to get married in her life. She usually feels irked when questions about her love life take over the control of debate more than her work.

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She affirms that marriage can’t be a ‘goal’ or an ‘ultimate benchmark’ in one’s life. She conveys straightforwardly that marriage is not that chapter that will complete her or her life. Raima doesn’t understand the much-hyped ado about marriage and what purpose does it fulfill with her being happy or contented in her life. The actress insists that her state of mind is happy being single in her life as that allows her much-needed freedom and also she won’t have to answer to anyone except for her parents.

Last seen in the Web Series on the OTT Platform, Web Series “The Last Hour”, Raima is being more focused on her career and she wants to wait for the right person to step into her life. She says it will be like the right person at the right time and the right place. For Raima, marriage isn’t a necessity or a need specifically. Marriage will only happen when she falls head over heels in love with someone dear to her.

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