Parental Guide for Millennials

By Palak Sharma

Millennials (those who are currently 25 to 40 years old) are raising our future generation. Lots of them would be anxious thinking how are they going to face everything? Are they going to be good parents or not? Or how to handle teenagers and their teenage issues?

Well here’s a guide for Millennials on parenting. Below are some tips Millennials parents can follow:-

  • Most of the families have two working parents now, even the mothers have their career to build and you might be very busy with your work, but learn to take out some time for your kids. Moments like their first word, first crawl, first step etc., won’t come again. Learn to cherish these little things. Spend time with your children as much as you can.
  • Choose positive parenting. Strict discipline and physical force is not a good way, it might have been during your time, but now it is not acceptable. Take a gentle approach when you are telling them to not to do something or scolding them for their mistakes, be soft and gentle with your words. Try to make them understand with love rather than being harsh and punishing them.
  • See the signs. If your jolly and cheerful kid suddenly becomes silent and gloomy, sit down with them and talk. Ask them if everything is alright? And even if it is not, then assure them that they can tell you everything. You can’t force the reason for their gloominess out of their mouth but coax it out of them.


  • Be their friend. You should always become the first friend in your child’s life. If you are friendly with them, they can never hide anything from you in their whole life. They would always share their problems with you and will always trust you with their secrets. It would be you, they would call first if they are in trouble at any point in their life.


  • Make sure the environment you are choosing for your child’s is safe. If both parents are working and leave their child in someone’s care or if you have enrolled your child in a daycare or school, make sure the environment is safe for them. Ask your child frequently about their day and make sure they are okay physically as well as mentally.


  • Millennial parents’ have to accept that at some point of life their child might face some psychological problems. They might have anxiety, depression or any other problems at some point in their life. Don’t think your child is crazy and do not let them think like this about themselves. Talk to them, ask them what happened and what can you do to make it better and if it doesn’t work, take them to a good psychologist or psychiatrist. Just be there with them in any way possible.

And last of all, follow your parental instincts. Love and care for your child, if you find it hard to understand them then try to think like them, be there for them in any way possible.

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