Poetry By Mohit Gupta; Read It Out

Waking Up to Reality

As I woke up that morning and scratched my memories,

Remembering an insignificant boy,

Obscure among the crowds,

Unnoticed, Intimidated but kind,

Never realizing the importance of a beautiful mind.

Ran like a steed in my mind,

Flashbacks of my journey to this time,

The increasing efforts to grow and learn,

The uncertainty of test and turn,

The allegiance to passion and curiosity to yearn.

I sat in front of a computer screen,

With a heart that’s pumping adrenaline,

To enter a virtual world that was beyond the realms of imaginable reality,

But no achievement can help reach Satiety.

I made promises of an exemplary run,

Achievements , learning and eternal fun, As the day started,

I met the greatest of men and heard from eminent women,

To start a journey that will never come again.  

The purpose of life

The purpose of life

You may define ,the purpose of life, 

For some its work, For some to thrive,

Some float while others dive,

Events planned or surprise.

People are old and people are new,

For all its known, time is few,

To fight for things, petty issues and petty you,

Late it is, when you review.

When you have to, meet your fate,

You try to rub your slate,

You try to remember, Jesus the great,

You ask for help, gay or straight.

Dedicate your life to purpose you find, 

Always be generous and be kind,

Never be shy nor confined,

Never regret of time behind.

When you try to reach the sky,

Remember you never satisfy, 

Still never stop to fly,

There is a day when its dry,

Other times you hit bulls eye

She only hopes to see you laugh

While you walk through the 

You find a tree and the wheat,

Stopping for a meal and some sleep,

You meet many and some you keep,

Long journey it is and so steep,

You do not realize when you meet,

Enamored and frilled, she joins your keep

Little she knows, demons you thrive,

You kept her busy in your hive,

All she does is caress and kiss,

And responsibilities of own with smile and bliss, 

She is still a daughter and a sis

She is emotional and fragile,

For you she goes the extra mile,

All she hopes is your smile , 

And some fun and frill every while

She doesn’t ask. Oh she is 

She will be loud and she will 

All she asks for is to try,

To love back and to mollify

For you it is a journey and she a part, 

She carries your name and your cart,

While you make a man and she the other half,

She only hopes to see you laugh.

God will be kind

It Does not matter who he is,

Where is he, what does he do,

What matters is to hold Good,

The Hope. The Ray of Light,

Peace, care and faith,

The night is very long,

But the Sun shall shine,

Things may Change,

But going on is the only way,

Love subdues and runs the world,

Money never mind,

God will be kind.