Rachna Jaiswal: Celebrating Heritage And Innovation With PIPABOX

Rachna Jaiswal, the founder and CEO of Pipabox, is a zealous and accomplished entrepreneur and a manufacturer with over 14 years of diversified experience across various facets of the business. She knows exactly how to seize every second of active engagement when it comes to virtual buying. Born in Kolkata, Rachna did her schooling at Hyderabad’s Stanley Girls High School and got her law degree to pursue a career as a legal practitioner. However, she swiftly moved to start her own manufacturing company and it was her expertise in global luxury that led her to start the popular platform, Pipabox

Pipabox generates employment for women at every level because financial independence is an important factor that contributes to the empowerment of women. So far, we have provided employment to 40 women. For some women, working here is not just about making money, but it’s the hope for a better tomorrow.

Pipabox derives its aesthetics and inspirations from a myriad array of cultures, architecture and practices. The brand has its roots in India and is an infusion of Modern English, Victorian, and classic French with a touch of Scandinavian in a happy marriage with India. They love to find beauty in subtlety. They believe that luxury is quiet, it lies in the detail, the quality of the material in crisp finishes, and aesthetics that subtly conveys their message of luxury. The undying love for plush surfaces, rich designs and great textures reflect in their designs. For latest trendy collection check out Pipabox Instagram.

The brand derives its passion for creation from the rich traditions, architecture, colours, patterns and surfaces, and marries the inherent Indianness with the elements from all of its favourite places.

The Indian consumer has had a huge shift in their preferences. They are more open and perceptive, and the brand strives to create products that will fulfil the desires of the aspirational Indian. The colour palette, the premium materials, the amalgamation in design, and the numerous influences are put together carefully and maintain a delicate balance which makes it Indian and global at the same time.

According to Rachna Jaiswal, “We believe in signatures, as opposed to fashion and trends. We create products that speak of style, and not the latest trend. Our products speak of our design aesthetics, and the finesse of our craftsmen, who have honed their craft through years of back-breaking practice and hard work. Our signature lies in the premium materials that are used in the crafting of our products.”

Pipabox intends to incorporate more love for the rich textures and awe-inspiring traditional techniques in the designs to make them the true global Indian designs. Veering the traditional crafts towards consumers who value the heritage and are sensitised design-wise in order to enjoy the products that we create. They celebrate the heritage through their craft and strive to create more products that will carry the torch forward.