Radhika Madan Claims She Learned Everything From Television After Criticizing The Work Atmosphere In The Television Industry.

Several people, including Ektaa Kapoor, questioned Radhika Madan’s comments when she earlier spoke out about the never-ending hours of working on a TV set. Radhika Madan worked in television series for a few years before transitioning to the film industry. Now, in a recent interview, Radhika claimed that the lessons she learned from watching television benefited her in her work and that one can only learn by watching television.

I have learned everything from television, she said to Siddharth Kannan. Nothing else can teach you what television can. After working on television for almost two years, Radhika was asked about the fan base she had amassed. She replied that filmmakers were pretty taken aback because they did not anticipate a television celebrity to be that well-known. “Nobody expected me to have that following, but that is the love that you get from television,” she remarked.

In addition, Radhika Madan discussed how switching from television to films was the “biggest challenge” of her professional life. The Kacchey Limbu actor claimed that she had been living off of her money for a year and a half without finding any job. She also mentioned how many of her television co-stars had advised her to stay.
“There was no job, nothing when I switched from TV to movies. By the grace of God, my show was a success, and quitting it at that point was extremely risky—especially for a dream that I had no idea would materialize or not. I was forced to start over. But I had to make that risky move. Many people advised me that nothing would work out and that I should stay here and continue working here for another two to three years, she recounted.
In a previous interview, Radhika Madan spoke candidly about spending 48 hours working on a TV set where original ideas were not valued.