Rajkummar Rao Recalls Getting Turned Down Due To These Reasons- Deets Inside

Rajkummar Rao initially gained attention in the film industry when he starred in Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhokha in 2010. However, before he received his big break, Rao claimed that he had been turned down on numerous occasions for roles based only on his appearance. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Rao recounted how he was frequently criticized for his appearance and wondered why no one was evaluating his acting abilities.

Rao, a graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, relocated to Mumbai to pursue a career as an actor. Rao commented that he had heard so many things. When questioned about his initial days and the kinds of rejections he encountered, Rao said, You lack the necessary height, you have an improper build, and your brows aren’t quite the perfect form. very strange things I asked, “What? Acting, what about it? Who wants that? (Voh kisko chahiye)

Rao revealed that Dibakar Banerjee had a vision for him and that Atul Mongia, who served as his first casting director, saw the actor’s potential and provided him a chance to work in the movies. “I’m glad Dibakar wanted that and Atul Mongia noticed it. Nothing else will move you forward; only talent is left, the man claimed.

Rao recently spoke about his early years in Mumbai and how he sometimes managed to survive on one box of biscuits during a conversation at the India Today Conclave East 2022. At times, I survived on only one Parle-G drink and only had Rs. 18 in my bank account.  It was fortunate that I had the support of my film school classmates. But I’ve never had a backup plan. I’ve always wanted to act,” he declared.

The promotions for Rajkummar Rao’s upcoming movie, HIT: The First Case, are keeping him quite busy right now. And it appears Rajkummar chose a modern path this time. The actor and Sanya Malhotra, his co-star in the film, have both experimented with the “wiggle wiggle” craze. Sanya dressed to the nines, and Rajkummar nailed it. Agree? “Following all the trends with this stylish girl Sanya Malhotra for HIT: The First Case,” the caption stated. The movie will be released on July 15, he added.

Next up for Rajkummar Rao is HIT: The First Case, in which he co-stars with Sanya Malhotra. His forthcoming movies include Monica, O My Darling, and Bheed, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi.