Rakhi Sawant Finally Reveals Interesting Details About Husband Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant has maintained her space in the headlines ever since she secretly married an NRI in JW Marriott in Mumbai on 28th July. The actress has been trying hard to stay in the news and keeps creating news every other day. Be it by denying her marriage, accepting it, saying it is over, or telling the world she is shifting to Bangalore or the UK to be with her husband, she has found some or the other way to stay in news.

However,  despite being the controversial queen or wanting the attention, she hasn’t yet revealed her husband  Ritesh’s details and that is something that is keeping her fans at the edge of their seats. All we know is that he is a London based NRI and he doesn’t like to be in limelight.  But she has recently posted a video where we can see her revealing more details about her husband.

A video of Rakhi having a conversation with media representatives has been trending on Instagram, Sawant opened up about her husband Ritesh and disclosed details on his family and him. Talking about her husband Ritesh, Rakhi revealed how much she loves her husband and mentioned he is a handsome dude. She added that as he is her ‘Dil Ka Tukda’ she is worried that, ‘Nazar Na Lag Jae’ and mentioned that it is the only reason she has hidden him from the media.


Revealing details about her marriage, Sawant revealed the reason why she married Ritesh secretly. She said, her husband Ritesh did not want his picture revealed in the media as he is a businessman and further explained how he does not have any interest in coming in front of the media. She also added that as she insisted him to come out in the media, Rakhi disclosed that hubby Ritesh mentioned that when in 2020 they will have kids, he will make an appearance with the kids.