Rakhi Sawant Reveals Mystery Husband Ritesh Wants To Marry Again, “I Don’t Know If Legally I’m His Wife”

Rakhi Sawant is one of the most popular names in the industry right now. After her stay in the controversial Bigg Boss 14 house, she has been constantly in the limelight and has been talking to the press on a regular basis. Whether it is about her mother, her career, or her marriage, she has been openly talking about it all. Now, whe has once again opened up about her mystery husband Ritesh. She has made several revelations about him on different occassions but not disclosed his face and no one has seen him till date. Everyone is eager to know more about him and her married life as we can see she is still in Mumbai while her husband is out of India.

In a recent interview with ETimes TV, she opened up about her marriage and even said that she isn’t sure if she is legally his wife or not. Talking about the same, she said, “I am still in touch with Ritesh, we talk to each other on video calls. He is facing visa issues and there are a few legal issues that he wants to first sort out. He has told me that he wants to talk about our relationship in front of everyone. He has told me that he wants to get married to me again but this time in front of everyone.”

Adding further she shed light on her current relationship status, where she shared being unaware of the fact that whether she is his wife or not. Rakhi said, “I am still his wife, I don’t know if legally I am his wife or not. But I am waiting for him to come and talk about us and our marriage.” Despite the actress’ request, Ritesh did not face the media, keeping in mind Rakhi’s controversial image, but now he is ready to face the paps.

“I had requested him earlier also at the time of our marriage to meet the media, but he has few issues and he told me that I am very controversial. Hence, he was hesitant. But this time he wants to do it. Things are sorted between us and he is ready to talk about his first marriage also. I am just waiting for him,” added Rakhi.

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