Rashmika Mandanna Joins ‘Crushmika Club’ With Alia Bhatt’s Praise For Her Performance In Animal

After the release of Animal this Friday, Alia Bhatt showered praise upon the cast and crew. Rashmika Mandanna responded to Alia’s post with appreciation.

On Saturday, Alia Bhatt utilized social media to express admiration for her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, and the entire Animal cast and crew, commending their performances in the film. Additionally, she announced her entry into the ‘crushmika club’ after witnessing Rashmika Mandanna’s remarkable performance in the action film. Rashmika, visibly flattered by the praise, reciprocated with nothing but love for Alia.

Alia Bhatt’s Heartfelt Praise for Animal Cast and ‘Crushmika’ Moment

Via an Instagram post, Alia shared pictures of Ranbir, one portraying him interacting with fans and another depicting him reading a story to their daughter, Raha. Using Instagram Stories, she commended Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s direction, stating that the film evokes ‘goosebumps and iconic imagery for days.’

Alia dedicated a special message to Rashmika, expressing, “Rashmika Mandanna, you exude beauty and honesty in the film! As conveyed in person, I was captivated by your performance in that scene – truly special and inspiring. I am wholeheartedly joining the ‘crushmika’ club :)”

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Rashmika’s reaction

Rashmika Mandanna expressed sheer delight and appreciation as she shared Alia Bhatt’s note on her Instagram Stories. Responding warmly, she conveyed, “Alia Bhatt. Big big hugs ya. Love youuuuu!” This heartfelt exchange was followed by Rashmika extending her thanks to fans. Accompanied by a picture of her making the Korean heart gesture, she expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you all so much for the love you are showing towards our film Animal.

I hope we made you super proud and happy. #Animalpark (if you know, you know). If you don’t, then please do watch it in the theaters near you and enjoyyyyy!” This genuine interaction reflected the positive energy and excitement surrounding the film’s reception.