Remo D’Souza Reveals He Faced Racism & Prejudice Due His Skin Color Ever Since His Childhood

While we don’t realize the gravity of our casual remarks like “Kalu”, “Mota”, etc on our friends, the racial slurs travel with them through their growing years too. Like many of us, Indian choreographer, actor Remo D’Souza also faced such societal prejudice.

Remo D’Souza

He talked about facing racism and being trolled since childhood for his dark colour. Talking with “Times of India”, he said, “I have faced racism and prejudice due to my skin colour ever since my childhood. It is a subject that I have dealt with very closely and experienced whenever I travelled abroad. When I was growing up, people used to call me names. I used to just ignore it. After all, I thought that maybe they are saying it because I look a certain way.”

He said that he shouldn’t have let people bully him even as a kid. He revealed, “Eventually when I grew up, I understood that this was wrong, and the fact that I was letting them call me these names was even worse. Now, I stand up for it and won’t take it from anyone. I also think those comments on my skin color pushed me to become who I am today so that no one could ever call me those names again. But racism still exists; go to a small town or village and it is there”.

Remo D’Souza

He said racism is still very much a reality, especially in small towns and villages. He told that the bullies motivated him to work hard and reach the position he is in today ‘so that no one could ever call him with those names again’.

Remo recently suffered a major health scare. Last year, in December, he was hospitalized after a heart attack. He said that his right artery had a 100% blockage. He was discharged from the hospital a few days later and has been sharing videos of himself returning to his normal routine, including lifting weight and dancing, after his recovery.

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