“Rhea Used To Conduct Yoga Classes For Herself And Her Jail Inmates.” Says Her Lawyer

Rhea Chakraborty was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on September 8 under different areas of the NDPS Act in association with Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise case. Subsequent to being in prison for nearly 30 days, Rhea was at last free yesterday on bail. The Bombay High Court allowed bail to the entertainer on an individual obligation of Rs. 1 lakh.

Rhea’s legal councel Satish Maneshinde as of late in an interview shared how the entertainer went through her days inside the prison. Uncovering how Rhea attempted to be positive inside the prison, Maneshinde told NDTV, “I personally went to jail to see a client after so many years, because she was hounded, and I wanted to see the condition that she was in. I was fortunate to see that she was in good spirits. She looked after herself in jail. She used to conduct yoga classes for herself and her jail inmates.”

Maneshinde even called Rhea a ‘Bengal tigress’ during the conversation who will retaliate to reestablish her discolored picture. “She adjusted herself in jail because she could not get home food because of the pandemic, and she lived with the inmates as if she was a commoner. Being an army girl, she fought the conditions like a battle, and she is ready to face any person who is trying to accuse her and harm her interests,” he revealed further.

Further discussing how Sushant’s family is after Rhea, Maneshinde stated, “The explanation that she was bothered, was on the grounds that the family was after her. I don’t know for what reason, the family is by all accounts exceptionally malicious all things considered. I’ve been stating that the focal organizations — the CBI, the NCB, the ED — have been nagging her simply because she was the housewife or the live-in accomplice of this refined man.”

Additionally remarking on how media channels introduced phony and false stories to hound Rhea, the lawyer said that it was totally supportive of TRPs. He even required these channels to be brought to court. While Rhea has been bailed, her sibling Showik is still in NCB’s custody.