Sidharth Shukla Talks About Shehnaaz Gill With Gauahar Khan; Says She Was ‘Vulnerable’ So He Felt ‘Protective’ Of Her During BB13

Bigg Boss 14 launched a couple of days back, and we previously observed a great deal of show in these couple of days. While the contenders are engaging, fans are generally eager to watch the ‘toofaani seniors’ Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan. Having cherished Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth’s science on Bigg Boss 13, fans were standing by to check whether he would bring it up. Presently, while talking with Gauahar Khan on Bigg Boss 14, Sidharth Shukla opened up about his ‘interface’ with Shehnaaz Gill. He said that Sana was powerless, and he felt defensive of her.

In an ‘Extra Masala’ cut shared by Voot, Sidharth and Gauahar could be seen conversing with one another, talking about what attributes they find alluring in someone else. Sidharth can be seen saying that he loves individuals who are straightforward, so trustworthiness should be there in the individual. Aside from this, he additionally might want for them to be dependable. He at that point included that for him, looks don’t make a difference. He stated, “Someone you find attractive is different, but with someone you wanna fall in love with, you need to connect with the person regardless of the way they look.”

At the point when Gauahar demanded that one must be genuinely pulled in as well, Sidharth said no. “Not for me, I’m unique,” he said. Gauahar at that point gets some information about the bond he had last season. While neither of them took the name legitimately, they were alluding to Shehnaaz Gill.

Answering to this, Sidharth Shukla stated, “Wo toh connect achha tha.” He adds, “taal melt oh tha hi nahi,” yet additionally said that she was defenseless. Sidharth said that she was very helpless in the house as others just utilized each other inside. So he felt protective of Shehnaaz Gill.