Richa Chadha Reveals She Was First Offered A Big Role In Heeramandi: Here’s Why She Chose Lajjo!

Heeramandi: A lot of people are talking about The Diamond Bazaar on social media since it was released on Netflix yesterday, May 1. The audience has praised every aspect of the show, including Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction and the outstanding ensemble cast.


While every character in the show is stunning, Richa Chadha’s Lajjo has a particularly poignant quality. The actress was first offered a different role, but Pinkvilla has exclusively learned that she consciously chose to play Lajjo.

Richa Chadha won hearts with her portrayal of Lajjo

Richa Chadha decided to play Lajjo because she understood the character’s potential to have a significant effect on the audience. Initially, a bigger role was offered to her. Richa was aware that Lajjo had the most tragic backstory and that she looked like a female Devdas and Meena Kumari from Pakeezah, which would make an impression.

Many people have praised the actress on social media for her portrayal of Lajjo. A user on X remarked: “Richa Chadha shines the most”,  another one said, “Richa Chadha is just phenomenal”, and yet another one said, “The only actor that captivates the screen is Richa”.

Richa Chadha on the decision to play Lajjo

Richa reflects on her decision, sharing, “When I was approached for Heeramandi, at the time Sanjay sir was the showrunner and I had been offered another part, one with more screen time for sure. But because an actor also needs to see what’s in here that’s new for me, I chose Lajjo.”

“I have experimented with characters that have a grey shade, like Bholi Punjaban or Tara in Madam Chief Minister. Basically, I get accused of playing only empowered characters, so I felt the need to break that stereotype and surprise the audience. I wanted to play the part of a hopeless romantic and leave the audience with goosebumps. That’s exactly what’s happening. People are calling me in tears. Hence, when sir told me to come and check this character out, I was immediately drawn to Lajjo. I was certain this would pay off and it has. The love within 24 hours has been overwhelming. Right from industry peers to filmmakers to friends and audiences have sent me such amazing love, I couldn’t be more grateful,” added Richa.

Heeramandi’s Richa Chadha as Lajjo demonstrates her versatility and commitment to her work, garnering appreciation for her subtle performance that strikes a deep chord with the audience. Being a trained Kathak dancer herself, Richa also takes particular pride in the character’s Kathak dance sequence in the show.

“I’ve always harboured a desire to incorporate Kathak dance into my on screen roles, and Heeramandi provided the perfect opportunity to do so,” Richa adds. “As a trained Kathak dancer, bringing Lajjo’s dance number to life was a fulfilling experience for me, adding another layer of authenticity to the character.”

Richa Chadha’s remarkable career reaches a new peak with Heeramandi, which demonstrates her capacity to make decisions that have a lasting impression on viewers. Richa’s portrayal of Lajjo is particularly noteworthy, demonstrating her skill and dedication to the role as the series keeps viewers enthralled.