Rubina Dilaik’s Sleep Deprivation Struggle Highlights Self-Care Importance

Television actress Rubina Dilaik, known for her strong and vibrant characters on screen, recently shared a personal struggle that many can relate to – sleep deprivation. In a candid revelation on her social media, she opened up about having a complete breakdown due to the lack of sleep.

She described how the continuous work schedules and the pressure of delivering her children led to sleepless nights, eventually causing her to break down and cry. Rubina, the mother of twin daughters Edhaa and Jeeva, has documented her difficulties and hardships throughout the process. She just disclosed that she experienced a total collapse.

A Supportive Spouse

During this challenging time, Rubina found a pillar of support in her husband, Abhinav Shukla. Understanding the importance of rest for her well-being, Abhinav insisted that Rubina sleep alone in another room. He recognized that a peaceful and undisturbed environment was crucial for Rubina to get the rest she needed. Rubina Dilaik Talks About How Her Life Changed After She Had A Child

“She shared, “I can’t sleep at night. There was an extreme time when I had a complete breakdown. I mean, I was like, I need help. I used to get up at night and cry. I am crying while getting up. I don’t understand. I am not able to sleep. So one day, Abhinav said, ‘Let’s do this. I sleep with one daughter.

Mom will take another daughter to another room. You sleep in a separate room.’ And this conversation was going on for the past ten days. Rubina takes out that time. And I am not feeling good. I am not feeling good. Although I have to go to the other room and sleep so that for once I get complete sleep for one night.”

The Importance Of Rest

Rubina’s experience highlights the importance of rest and sleep in maintaining mental and physical health. It reminds us that despite motherhood’s demanding schedules and pressures, taking care of one’s health should always be a priority.

Rubina Dilaik Embraces Motherhood: Talks On Hardships,'Maa Banne Ke Baad Zindagi Itna Zyada Badal Jayega...'

A Message To Fans

Rubina’s candid confession about her struggle with sleep deprivation has resonated with many of her fans. By sharing her personal experience, she has raised awareness about the issue and encouraged others facing similar struggles to take necessary steps for their well-being.

Rubina Dilaik Embraces Motherhood: Talks On Hardships,'Maa Banne Ke Baad Zindagi Itna Zyada Badal Jayega...'

Looking Ahead

With her husband’s and fans’ love and support, Rubina is now focusing on taking better care of her health. She is determined to balance her work commitments with her health, setting an example for many in the industry.