Sanjeeda Shaikh And Harshvardhan Rane’s Secret Holiday Pics Sparks Dating Rumors! Is It Official?

Sanjeeda Sheikh, whose personal life made headlines last year, is back in the spotlight. The actress, who has a busy schedule right now, declared herself legally single in 2022. Fans have been speculating that she appears to have found love once more. The actress is presently travelling with her daughter, and some users discovered that she also had plans with someone else. Check out the deets inside!

Sanjeeda Sheikh and Harshavardhan Rane Sparks Dating Rumours

Reddit users with keen eyes noted that Sanjeeda and Harsh had recently taken a vacation to Gir Forest. A snap from their forest safari was also posted. Fans noticed that they were in the same jeep for the safari even though they were absent from each other’s photos and social media posts. For the same, Sanjeeda’s daughter was also present. Soon their vacation pictures went viral on Reddit and Instagram.

Check the pictures here:

Sanjeeda Sheikh

Prior to this, Sanjeeda was previously married to actor Aamir Ali. Even though they were seperated for a long time, the couple finally divorced in 2022. The couple has a daughter, Ayra Ali.

Redditors’ Reaction To Their Viral Photos

The two have previously been linked to one another through rumours of a relationship. There were numerous rumours that Sanjeeda Sheikh fell in love with Harshvardahn Rane while the movie was being shot after Taish was released. In an interview, she, however, denied the rumours. Here are the responses from Redditors as the reports have returned.

A Reddit poster claimed that the actress had cheated on Aamir Ali in London with Harshvardhan, writing, “Yes She Cheated on him. They have been together ever since they first met in London. She cheated so she kept it a secret,” one person wrote, while another said, “I assumed everyone knew this information. They have been dating for almost/more than a year.

Sanjeeda was defended by a third user who said, “At least she gave divorce to be with him. Not like our Bollywood males, who regularly cheat on their wives.


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