Shehnaaz Gill: Fitness Icon Aims To Recreate Madhubala’s Iconic Look In Movies

Bollywood actress Shehnaaz Gill has become the new fashion icon as she seamlessly walks the ramp at the Lakmé Fashion Week 2024. The fitness lover lost bundles of weight after getting trolled in a short period. Shehnaaz loves dressing up and revealed that she would like to recreate yesteryear’s heroine Madhubala’s graceful looks.

Old-time actresses had charm

Fashionably sensible, the former Bigg Boss contestant has a girl-next-door charm to her. And yet, she managed to wow onlookers at the recent fashion week. In an interview, she confessed her fantasy about her ideal appearance.

Shehnaaz gill

Madhubala, the legendary actress of Hindi films, comes to her mind when you talk about elegance. Gill gushes, “I love the yesteryear’s actresses. There was so much charm and natural beauty in them. Madhubala is the best to recreate.” Such classy looks have lots of appeal that lasts forever.

Shehnaaz Gill likes to experiment and try out new dresses and sarees, siding with ethnic garments. Her latest Holi looks went viral, with girls and women in India trying to copy her style.

Shehnaaz gill bigg boss actor singer model

Regular easy-going girl at home

Although Shehnaaz is a regular girl herself off the screen, she wants to look hot and pretty when socialising. “I am very casual at home. You will usually find me in shorts and in my brother’s T-shirts,” she reveals about her favourite outfits. 

Talking about style upgrades, she said, “Paisa matters a lot.” And without money, you can’t do anything. Meaning, that having wealth can make you buy the stuff you want, and who doesn’t wish to look good? 

The “Desi Vibes” chat show host is comfortable in her skin as she admits, “Make me wear anything and I’ll carry it very well.” That is why she took up the challenge of participating in the Lakmé Fashion Week as a showstopper for designer Diksha Khanna. “Every day is a new experience. I want to try everything in life. I don’t want a particular look,” she said. 

Shehnaaz gill ramp walk lakme fashion week

Shehnaaz Gill receives death threats

Last week, Gill’s father Santokh Singh Sukh was in the news for allegedly misusing police protection. In January, Shehnaaz’s dad received a phone call demanding a ransom of INR 50 lakh. They also threatened the “Thank You for Coming” actress. 

The Punjab police accused Sukh of misusing the provided security cover for his organisation. He also faced a rape accusation, of which, he got exonerated. The doting daughter supported her father throughout this legal issue. 

Shehnaaz gill

For those unaware, the singer and model debuted with the 2017 film “Sat Shri Akaal England,” which is in her native language Punjabi. She previously dated her Bigg Boss co-contestant and late actor Sidharth Shukla. Shehnaaz Gill is working on her upcoming project “Sab First Class,” directed by Balwinder Singh Januja, and starring Varun Sharma.