Shoaib Ibrahim Slams Fan Who Says ‘Dipika Kakar Eats Junk During Pregnancy’; Checkout Reaction!


On April 10, 2023, Shoaib Ibrahim had a Q&A session on his Instagram account. He gave a befitting response to a follower who inquired as to why his pregnant wife Dipika Kakar consumes an unhealthy diet. Read on to know the entire details from the truth behind the statement to how Shoaib responded to it.

Popular celebrity couple Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are now ecstatic and counting down the days to hold their little child in their arms. The couple is enjoying the most memorable time of their lives while hoping for the good health of their unborn baby. For those who don’t know, Dipika and Shoaib have been married for five years and are expecting their first kid.

Shoiab Slams Fan Who Says Deepika Eats Unhealthy Diet

An admirer told Shoiab that his pregnant wife Dipika Kakar consumes a lot of junk food and asked him about Dipika’s diet. Their admirer accused Dipika of being uncaring and irresponsible for her unborn child and other things. Shoaib chastised the haters, but being a devoted husband, he also disclosed that Dipika is still healthy and content. Shoaib continued: “Every mother cares about her baby, all the required nutrition for Dipika is in place aur Phir pregnancy hai jo dil karta hai khati hai. She is enjoying the time and staying happy.”

Well, this is what Dipika’s husband has revealed. On the contrary as per a media report, Dipika has been eating a lot of junk food from outside. She was so depressed that she was eating whatever she loved to lift her mood. Also it might be possible that she was having a combination of a mixed diet with some healthy elements in it.

Shoaib discloses his future plans 

Recently, Shoaib Ibrahim had a Q&A session for his followers on his Instagram page. The actor delighted his followers by providing insightful answers to inquiries regarding his personal life. The actor said that he would like lying down with his child and sharing stories with them when one of his fans questioned him about the one trait he would embrace as a father. He stated: “Lying down with my baby aur use kahani sunana InshAllah.”

When Dipika Kakkar’s Pregnancy was labelled ‘fake’

Dipika Kakar is one of the most popular and prosperous actors of her time. The actress, who is renowned for her casual demeanor, frequently makes news for voicing her mind. Dipika, who married actor Shoaib Ibrahim, recently revealed her pregnancy and received a tonne of backlash for it. However, some others went much beyond just disparaging her and even dubbed her pregnancy a fake. But subsequently, Dipika called the trolls out for constantly spreading hate and shut them down.

Shoaib Malik’s reaction after seeing the baby’s scan reports

Shoaib Ibrahim shared on his YouTube Vlog how their followers responded when the couple announced their pregnancy there. He said the same, saying that the pair had received support and blessings from their admirers. asserting that a mother’s feelings can never be comparable to a father’s. Shoaib was able to realize the changes her wife, Dipika Kakar was going through in her body including mood swings.

When Shoaib made Iftaari for his pregnant wife

We have frequently witnessed Shoaib Ibrahim, who is a devoted husband, pampering his wife Dipika Kakar. On April 8, 2023, when Dipika posted a video of her husband Shoaib preparing the iftaari for their family, we got a glimpse of this. In the video, Shoaib could be seen lovingly preparing a lovely supper for his adoring wife, Dipika. The actor was dressed in a purple kurta and wore a turban. Appreciating her hubby, Dipika penned: “Some serious cooking happening here.”

Let us tell you that Shoaib Ibrahim as a leading actor on colors show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. Unfortunately, the actor left the show in few months.

Dipika was married to Raunak Samson initially. The two broke up their 5-year old marriage due to personal and compatibility issues. Before getting into the field of acting, Dipika Kakar was an air hostess with a renowned airlines. She once aspired to try making her skills in the entertainment industry, and here she is now in Mumbai.