Sonu Sood Reveals Secret About Where He Gets Money To Help Needy People, Check Out!

Sonu Sood is now known not only as an actor, but also for his humanitarian efforts during the Corona period, which have earned him the titles of Messiah and God. Sonu Sood is highly regarded throughout the country. Recently, the actor appeared on Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat,’ where he was asked from where he got the money to send so many labourers and students home during the lockdown.

Sonu sood Reveals from where he gets money to help people

Sonu Sood said in response to this question, ‘When I started all this, I knew that the level of demand people are coming, you will not be able to last even for two days. To add to this, all of the brands I was working on were donated to charity. For this project, I enlisted the help of hospitals, doctors, colleges, teachers, and pharmaceutical companies. I told them that I wanted my brand’s appearance and that I would work for free, so they kept joining and the work was done automatically.

He continued, “Some big NGOs called me and said that the country of Sonu has 130 crore people and will not be viable. I said that, “I cannot refuse people who came to my house. anyone, anywhere, in a local or small state, you can teach someone, you can babysit someone, you can get someone a job, you can call.

Actor Himself replies to people 

Let us tell you that Actor Sonu sood has become a messiah who helps everyone from social media to those in need who come to his home during corona. Even now, actors communicate with people all over the world through social networks. Sonu sood also said that there is no team managing his social media accounts, but he directly responds to all tweets.