Sunny Leone Shares Her Painful Story Of Failed IVF And Surrogacy, The Actress Narrated Her Emotional Experience

Actress Sunny Leone gives a lot of importance to her personal life along with her professional life. From spending time with her children, taking pictures to having fun, Sunny gives full time to the family. The actress has three children Noah, Asher and daughter Nisha. Her sons Noah and Ashar are through surrogacy and Nisha has been adopted by Sunny. Recently, the actress talked about the emotional process of surrogacy of both the sons.

Sunny Leone

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sunny Leone told that surrogacy was completed in a year and a half. Sunny Leone says, “We were going through the process of surrogacy which takes a lot of time. It took almost a year and a half from beginning to end.” “At the same time when surrogacy was not going according to the plan, we thought why not adopt the child. We had six eggs – four girls and two boys.”

Sunny Leone

“In America, you are told the gender of the child and you can do genetic testing and everything else but not here (in India). Then we got IVF done, and the eggs that had girls, did not survive which was heartbreaking. You feel like a loser, feel very low and upset.”

Meanwhile, Sunny and Daniel went to St. Catherine’s orphanage in Mumbai. On this Sunny said, “We went there and we were looking at the children and I was thinking – why can’t we adopt the child? What is the difference, it will be ours.”

“We are not genetically linked but connected by heart. Then the adoption process started as surrogacy was not working. It takes time, paperwork, little effort. Then we came to know that we are going to have twin sons and a daughter in the same week. We call it the plan of the God.”