Sushmita Sen Reveals How Alisah Sets Alarm For Mother’s Medicines; Says ‘She’s A Nurturing Soul’

Sushmita Sen, an Indian actress and beauty queen won the Miss Universe Title in 1994. She gained recognition for her roles in films like, “Main Hoon Na” and “Biwi No. 1.” The actress left the nation in splits after she decided to adopt her elder daughter, Renee at the young age of 24. She welcomed the arrival of her second daughter, Alisah after 10 years of adopting her first daughter. However, things took an unexpected turn when Sushmita suffered from a serious heart attack and underwent an angioplasty. The actress since then has been taking extreme care of herself by having regular medication treatment. Recently, Sushmita Sen has revealed how her younger daughter, Alisah takes care of former’s health by looking after her medicines on time.

Sushmita Sen Reveals How Alisah Sets Alarm For Mother's Medicines; Says 'She's A Nurturing Soul'

Sushmita Sen shares how her younger daughter, Alisah takes care of her medications

Sushmita Sen in an interview with Bollywood Bubble revealed who takes care of her health in the family. Responding to the same, the actress mentioned post undergoing  heart surgery, her daughter, Alisah looks after her. Elaborating more about it, Sushmita shared that Alisah is the one in her family who asks her to take medicines timely.

She further stated since her elder daughter, Renee has now grown up, she has other duties to fulfill in the family. Needless to say, the loving mommy is preparing her younger kid, Alisah to look after her family members. Sushmita admitted that she considers Alisah no less than a ‘nurturing soul’. In her words:

“What they have done, especially Alisah because my elder one is now a big girl, she has got her own responsibilities and is independent now, but this little monkey, she gives me my Betaloc sharp at 9 every day, without fail, has set alarms. I don’t miss my medicines thanks to her. She is a very nurturing soul.”

Sushmita’s response on whether her kids are fearful of losing their mother post surviving a heart attack

In the same conversation, Sushmita was asked if her daughters were fearful of losing her after she survived the heart attack. To this, Sushmita said that although her daughters take care of her health, they do not have those fears. The actress stated:

“I think they are like ‘My mother tells me all the time, what is good for me and all of that, so she must know what’s good for her! So she just has to follow it’. It’s lovely to have children who hold on for dear life to make sure… but I don’t think they have a fear of losing me. That fear also propels a lot of things, so no fear.”