Taapsee Pannu Feels She Is Running A Solo Race; Breaking Norms One At A Time!

Bollywood’s bold actress Taapsee Pannu said that she feels she is running a solo race and has a limited number of years to do what she set out to do. She has joined the Tennis Premium League as co-owner of Punjab Tigers. Apart from that, the actor is signing back-to-back brand endorsement deals and doing films including Wo Ladki Hain Kaha, Dunki and Blurr.

She said, “It’s like I am a batsman who has limited overs and wants to hit a century. So I keep hustling. I do not want to regret later thinking about a certain opportunity that I had and didn’t take up.”

She explained it further, “I have been an ardent sports enthusiast ever since I was a child and have played all kinds of sports – from Badminton to Tennis and Volleyball. Even now, if I am not seeing an OTT show, I watch sports championships and tournaments most of the time. The reason is I have seen how sports have helped in shaping my personality and my overall growth. When you play a sport, you are not just physically involved, it is also a kind of mental exercise. It pushes you to win but also tells you how to take the failures.”

She manages all alone. She said, “I don’t have to make extra efforts to make time because I give every job equal importance. I work as an actor for 12 hours a day, and I love doing it. But once I pack up and return home, I do not bring my acting hangover with me. I am not just an actor. I have a personal life that is away from the entertainment industry, and I enjoy it as much as my life as an actor. If I am constantly surrounded by only films, acting and the industry, I might not grow as a person. I need to look at the overall growth of my personality.”