Fashion industry is an unpredictable world. Portraying the journey of two models who were best friends, who tasted success together but over the time became arch enemies until they were ready to die for each other again.

Colourful dresses with net socks and shoes gives back to school feel and looks very fresh.
Embroidered jackets with colourful dhoti pants is an ultimate party wear.
Bikini with body chains and headgear looks stunning..
Beaded tassel tops with bodysuit and fishnet stockings looks outstanding and gives the complete showstopper feel.
Multicoloured jacket with plain coloured skirt paired with multicolour feather jewellery gives an amazing feel.
Beautiful gowns paired with color contrasted feather accessories. This look stands out and make all the heads turn.

Fashion and Cover Courtesy:

  • Concept and Styling: Madhuri Singh
  • Makeup and Hair: Harry and Team Ravisherr
  • Designers: Saaj by Ankita, Nasty small room by Aman Bajaj, Junne, Stuti Shah, Ashfaque Ahmad Design Studio
  • Intimate Wear: Da Intimo
  • Stockings and Socks: Kerryparker Official
  • Head Gears: Ganesh Vyas
  • Accessories: Bijoux by Priya Chandna
  • Rings: Noorah by Juhi
  • Footwear: Radika J.
  • Location: Rabbit Hole, HKV
  • Photographer: Ramesh Sharma