‘Was Labelled As Jinx’: Jugal Hansraj Recalls Crying After 35-40 Of His Films Got Shelved!

Bollywood actor-composer Jugal Hansraj began his career as a child artist with Shekhar Kapur’s Masoom in 1983. He gained fame instantly because of his charming looks. But soon after his budding stardom started to fade away. In a recent interview, Jugal talked the same. He revealed that failure and shelving of his films impacted him personally. The author disclosed that people started calling him names and even tagged him as a ‘jinx’ when his multiple projects didn’t take off.

Jugal Hansraj on failure

Admitting the time to be ‘incredibly difficult’, Jugal said that he not only faced criticism from media, but they also attacked him personally. When around 35-40 of his films did not even start, production people used to mock him by making comments like ‘Oh, it’s about time Jugal attends mahurats of his own films’. Initially, when it happened to Jugal, he would just tear up as he was 18 or 19. However, with time, the director ‘grew immune to such disappointments’.

Jugal told that one must accept industry is tough and people can be harsh and cruel here. They should not be taken personally as it is unnecessary. He said when he used to receive calls saying that the film he had signed and was supposed to start soon was no longer happening, he would simply say, ‘Thank you’ and hang up. The actor said that when your movies fail, even the people you consider friendly or nice to you can change.

Jugal Hansraj career

Jugal appeared as a child actor in films like ‘Karma’ (1986) and ‘Sultanat’ (1986) before making his full fledged adult acting debut with ‘Aa Gale Lag Jaa’ (1994). He is still remembered for his part in 2000 film  ‘Mohabbatein’. Jugal appeared last in comedy-drama film ‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’ with Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta. He is coming up with anthology ‘NRI WIVES’ which also stars Bhagyashree, Raima Sen, Samir Soni, Kiku Sharda, Aditi Govitrikar, Hiten Tejwani, Gaurav Gera among others. Besides acting, Jugal has done music composing, direction and writing also for films.