Your Online Designer Shopping Guide | Shopping For Success

Shopping for designer clothes can be an expensive affair, especially when buying at brick-and-mortar stores. The pressure to purchase something often leads to panic, resulting in items that you don’t love nor could get a discount on. 

Luckily, the online world is rectifying these issues. Shopping from an online fashion store comes with perks such as exclusive discounts, membership schemes, and freedom to take as long as you like. But, just like anything, there are still tactics to know about if you wish for a successful shopping experience. Here is your online designer shopping guide.

  • Know Your Measurements

Every online shopping session should start with a simple task – measuring yourself. Don’t just go for your regular size! Various designers may express the sizes of their clothes in various ways, depending on where they’re from. To avoid confusion, pick a measuring tape and write down your centimetres. Then, check your real size against the sizes specified by the manufacturer.

  • Make a List of What You Already Own

Designer clothes are expensive no matter where you buy them, so before impulse shopping, make a list of items you already own. If you already have five blazers crammed in your wardrobe but no pumps or button-up shirts, then maybe you should pass on that stylish blazer you just spotted and buy something you don’t have instead.

  • Go Window Shopping

Shopping for designer clothes online is cheaper, but it can be wise to check out the items in an actual store beforehand. In this way, you can make sure you truly like the cut and also check out the real shade of the item you like.

  • Set a Clothing Budget

Unless you have limitless funds, set up a clothing budget and stick to it. One of the things to keep in mind when shopping for designer clothes is that you should focus on quality rather than quantity. If your monthly clothing budget only covers one item, buy that one item, then go for another piece that you like in the next month.

  • Keep a Wish List

Keeping a running list of clothes you need or want will make it easy to remind yourself what you’re actually looking for when browsing online. Keeping a wish list also makes it easy to receive notifications whenever an item you want is on sale.

  • Leave Items in Your Cart

One trick you should use when shopping online is adding items to your cart, then leaving them there for a few days before proceeding to checkout. This practice comes with two advantages. On the one hand, you’ll have plenty of time to think about the items you want to buy and make sure you didn’t just add them to your cart out of an impulse. On the other hand, some online stores usually send you discount codes and vouchers to help you complete the transaction – and getting a discount is always a great thing.

  • Use a Mood Board

A mood board contains a collection of fashion trends that you like, making it easier to look out for certain pieces when shopping online. A collection of pictures can help you spot recurrent items – those are the ones you should go for when shopping – as well as any colour themes that you really like.

  • Start Broad, Then Edit

Another trick to successful online shopping is adding all items you like to your cart before deciding what to buy. Once you’ve browsed all pages and added all items to the cart, start removing those that don’t convince you completely or those items you already own. Trimming down options makes it easier to decide which item you truly want.

  • Try On Before Buying 

Like window shopping, trying on designer clothes before buying them online is a great way to make sure the items you like fits perfectly. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending heaps of cash only to find out the item you wanted doesn’t look right.

  • Bring a Friend

Whether you’re shopping online or in a brick and mortar store, bring a friend for a much-needed second opinion. A friend can give you the confidence you need when you’re unsure about a piece or provide you with an unbiased opinion. Not only will your friend be flattered to shop with you, but you’ll end up feeling more confident with your wardrobe choices.

Shopping online doesn’t have to be complicated, but knowing how to go about the process will award you with bargain discounts and must-have pieces. With this online shopping guide on your side, you’ll be sure to have a foolproof experience.

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