10 Ways To Get Your Homework Done Quickly And On Time

Getting yourself to do your homework is difficult. So what can you do? – Love the process of studying 

How many times have you caught yourself just staring at your textbooks without any energy at midnight? Even though you started doing your homework at 5 pm. Where did your precious time go? There’s a thing called Parkinson’s Law. It says, “if you time your task carefully, you’ll spend exactly as much time on it as you planned.” Simply put, if you do algebra at the last minute, you will definitely spend more on it than you actually need to.

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To prevent this from happening again, catch ten tips for completing any homework quickly and successfully.

Make a list of what needs to be done

Your planner should have a notes section dedicated to homework. If you’re more comfortable, use a separate planner or calendar. Use something that suits your needs for organization and write down your homework in the same place each time. Each item should have its place.

Write down as many details as possible for each task. It is helpful to include the deadline, pages of articles or chapters to read, and additional instructions from your tutor. This will help you know right away where to start and where to look.

Understand how much time you need

Here’s a little tip for you. When you’ve calculated how much time you need to do a particular task, take 5-10 minutes off of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re not a magician, but this way you can stay focused and keep your deadlines in mind. As soon as another deadline is passed, cross off what you’ve done. This will cheer you up and get you in the mood to finish on time.

If a task turns out to be harder than you imagined, put it off for a while. Don’t waste precious minutes! Once you’ve mastered the rest, you can return to the difficult ones with fresh ideas. If you still don’t have any ideas, we suggest that you buy a college essay so that your grades are not affected.


Get EVERYTHING you’ll need in one place to do your homework. Computer, paper, pens, water, markers… Everything needs to be on hand so you’re not suddenly distracted. If you plan, you will put away the supplies for your work as well. Even while you are studying, try not to leave your workplace until you have prepared a break. It’s also a good idea to go to the bathroom beforehand. Especially in the kitchen! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck there with crisps and TikTok.

Silent mode

If you don’t need your phone and computer, try to put them away or at least turn them off as much as possible. Focusing on homework is important, and social media and your favorite games can get in the way of that.

No matter how cool you are, realize that your brain can’t take care of everything at the same time. If you know you can’t do without your phone, give it to the people closest to you. They’ll be sure to keep it safe.

Work fast

Try not to make the breaks too long, as well as the study periods. Your body, especially your brain, should see doing homework as part of your daily routine, but not as stressful. If it doesn’t distract you, try doing your homework with musical accompaniment. One assignment – one album by your favorite band. One break – one mixtape. Simple as that!

Get your rest the right way

This is a very important point in doing your homework. You don’t just live for studying, you live for yourself. Make sure you give yourself enough time to rest. No, don’t rush to pull out your phone and social media! There’s no such thing as missing out on the internet, but missing out on time for homework is easy.

Set yourself a certain amount of time after each task for a break. Don’t relax too much or you won’t get back to your homework. Try exercising, standing on the balcony, and getting some fresh air. Just have some tea in silence in the kitchen. It’s hard to believe, but you’ll want to get back to work yourself!

Focus on the task at hand

Except for the hardest parts, try to see the task through to completion. Even if you think you have enough time to do your presentation in 5 minutes at the very end. It’s better to deal with a problem right away than to put it off for too long. Then you may forget, get lazy or simply give up. Forget about the other subjects, focus on maths without giving a chance to think about complicated chemistry or literature.

If you don’t have time to do it, don’t hesitate to ask your family or friends for help. It’s unlikely they’ll turn you down.

Make the changes productive

This is especially important if there’s a lot of homework to do and you had to turn it in yesterday. You have access to the internet everywhere these days. Try to read a chapter or write an outline on the bus on the way somewhere, or watch a documentary while you’re preparing your meal.

During breaks, of course, you want to chat, get some fresh air, or just sleep. The latter is also necessary, but if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and realize that sleep is just an excuse, take your breaks to do other things. Arrive early before a class or lesson so you can spend an extra five minutes at your own pace. You won’t believe how quickly you get rid of all the “debt”!

Check yourself

When you realize you’ve finished everything, it’s time to do some work on possible mistakes. Yes, even without the teacher’s guidance! Take a short break and go over the work you’ve done again. Fix grammatical inaccuracies, typos, or silly clauses, so you won’t be embarrassed when you hand in the assignment. It is better to take an extra couple of minutes than to regret a silly failure.

Make gifts for yourself

Finished early? If you’ve allotted 30 minutes to read your biology paper and you did it in 20, take an extra 10 minutes to break the deadline. Or go straight to the next assignment, so you can get even with it quickly. By freeing up an evening or a whole day with this mindset, you’ll enjoy the show on Netflix a lot more than usual.

The main tip is to make homework a set of daily habits. Once you get used to a certain system, you’ll stop seeing homework as something horrible and impossible to do. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you’ll get through your homework if you’ve thought through it every step of the way.

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