‘Abused, Threw Chappal At Me’: Zayed Khan Reveals Why Farah Khan Got Angry During ‘Main Hoon Na’ Shoot!

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan is away from films for a long time now. But some of his on screen characters are still memorable. And one of them Zayed’s portrayal of Laxman aka Lucky in Farah Khan’s directorial debut ‘Main Hoon Na’. In a recent interview, the actor recalled his days of shooting the film. Zayed said that he had faced a lot of difficulty while shooting for the song ‘Chale Jaise Hawaayein’. Plus, Farah got really angry.

Dancer fainted during the shooting

Zayed told that it was not like ‘take as many takes as you want’. There had to be a discipline on the sets. But after giving one take, ‘haalat kaharab ho jati the (the condition used to get worse). During the shoot of ‘Chale Jaise Hawaayein’, the camera captured Amrita Rao and she was coming towards Zayed. Everyone around him was telling him to be ready. However, when the camera panned towards him, a dancer next to him had fallen down. He got a fit as a result of exhaustion. In such a situation, Zayed didn’t know what to do. He started performing, but after that I realized that he has to dance over this chap. He thought it couldn’t be his introduction. Even after Farah’s displeasure, he called cut.

Farah had thrown slippers on Zayed

Zayed revealed that Farah had become very angry. She abused him and threw slippers at him. He further added that he told Farah she shouldn’t expect her to dance on someone who is dead. After this, she yelled more and said, ‘You can’t say cut on my set, I will say cut’.

Finally, when the members of the unit found out that the poor man was lying down, they rushed to help him. He was saved. After that, they shot again and it went well.

For the unversed, the 2004 film ‘Main Hoon Na’ starred Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao in the pivotal roles. It was a super hit at box office.