Adhyay by Nabhi Sutra: Harnessing the Power of Ancient Remedies for Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

Introducing Adhyay by Nabhi Sutra, a revolutionary skincare product that embodies the essence of Ayurveda and ancient classical remedies. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of natural treatments, Adhyay offers a unique formulation called Shata Dhauta Ghrita, a powerful skin-repairing cream that has garnered attention for its exceptional healing properties.

The cow ghee utilized in the formulation is sourced with the utmost care from A2 cow milk and meticulously processed using the traditional Bilona method, ensuring optimal nourishment. Cow ghee, recognized for its “Sheeta virya” attributes, imparts a cooling and soothing effect to the skin. Through its unique preparation method, it becomes light, fluffy, and highly absorbable, facilitating deep penetration into the skin.

Enriched with organic Aloe vera gel, renowned for its remarkable skin benefits, the emollient delivers exceptional results. It aids in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while the presence of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and C promotes enhanced blood circulation around the eyes, fostering the synthesis of elastin and collagen. The inclusion of Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the skin against the damaging effects of UV rays. Its free-radical scavenging activity and photo-protective properties help stave off signs of ageing, including under-eye dark circles and melasma.

Marigold extract, another valuable constituent, stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents its degradation, thereby promoting a more youthful complexion. It also exhibits remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while the presence of Linoleic acid soothes dry, sensitive, and damaged skin.

Rose water, celebrated for its cooling and soothing effects, brings relief to tired eye muscles and aids in the reduction of under-eye dark circles. It aids in minimizing dark spots on the skin and around the eyes, while simultaneously slowing down the aging process. Additionally, it offers respite to tired eye muscles and shields the skin against the harmful effects of sun/UV rays. 

To apply, gently massage the emollient in a circular or semi-circular motion around the eyes and onto the face, extending the application to the neck region or any other affected area of the body. This versatile formula is suitable for use as both a day and night cream, with the latter providing optimal conditions for maximum skin rejuvenation and repair. For best results, apply the emollient alone, without combining it with other products, as its potent nourishing properties make it highly absorbable.

Adhyay by Nabhi Sutra is more than just a skincare product. It embodies the essence of Ayurveda, with a strong emphasis on using natural and authentic ingredients. The formulation is backed by extensive research and is created in collaboration with doctors, ensuring its efficacy and safety.

Nabhi Sutra, the driving force behind Adhyay, is based in Vadodara, India, and is committed to promoting genuine products and encouraging natural treatments. Their mission is to create high-quality, pure, and natural oils following Ayurvedic practices and authentic guidelines. Nabhi Sutra aims to disrupt the contemporary approach to treatment and preserve the traditional methods of natural healing.

Experience the transformative power of Adhyay by Nabhi Sutra and indulge in the wisdom of Ayurveda for your skincare needs. Visit to explore their range of products and embark on a journey towards healthier, rejuvenated skin.