Ankita Lokhande Opens Up On Mannara Chopra And Vicky Jain’s Relationship, Read To Know!!

The most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 is over, but the contestants of the show still remain in the limelight. Things were not good between Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra throughout the season of the show. After Ankita’s husband Vicky Jain and Mannara became friends, the rivalry between the two increased even more, but after the end of the show, Mannara wanted to extend a hand of friendship towards Ankita. But Ankita has said that she may have taken the rivalry further.

Ankita Lokhande

After the end of Salman Khan’s show, Mannara Chopra had said in a conversation that she respects Ankita and hopes that they can become friends. In such a situation, when during a recent conversation, Ankita was asked about being in touch with Mannara, Ankita replied that she might have taken the rivalry too far.

The actress said, ‘I am here, whoever wants to be my friend is heartily welcome. I am not going to contact anyone in that matter.” During this, Ankita told what was the issue between them.

Mannara Chopra

During this, Ankita told what was the issue between them. She told, ‘After coming out, I was watching the episode and I saw that I was connecting with Mannara a lot in the beginning, but gradually her track changed, and she started feeling certain things.’

Ankita Lokhande And Vicky Jain

The actress further said, ‘I had no problem with it, but in the last few episodes a lot was going on between me and Vicky and their friendship was troubling me. There were problems between Mannara and I, but when she came to Vicky after her friend left, I wondered why her now. After this, things kept increasing and revolving in my mind. She further said, ‘When I saw the episodes after coming out of the show, I felt that it was nothing like that. Now I regret it somewhere.
On the other hand, Mannara has made it clear that she would not like to be in touch with Vicky as she is hesitant. She had said in a conversation, “I will not message him, because Vicky knows that I am hesitant. Ankita once scolded me for creating problems between them, and I was shocked. After this Vicky tried to please me, but I refused to talk to her because I felt shy.”