Anupamaa: Malti Devi To Take Anupama To America Not For Making Dancer? Shocking Truth Reveals!

The same misunderstanding has been going on in Rupali Ganguly’s sitcom ‘Anupama’ for the past few days about whether Anupama will move to America following Maya’s death or not. Since the last five days, the show has only been running for 12 hours. Anupama’s uncertainty is on display for the audience; on the one hand, young Anu is in sorrow, and on the other, Guru Maa is determined to get Anupama to America at whatever cost.

Malti devi slaps Anupama As she Rejects to go to America

Anupama is leaving everything to come to the Kapadia residence, according to a recent commercial. Malti Devi will then smack and threaten her. Following this promotion, Anupama’s fans have developed a fresh theory on the internet. They believe Malti Devi, had another plan in America. Let’s hear what Anupama’s fans have to say…

Malti Devi is shown slapping Anupama and threatened to destroy her in the advertisement. People who have seen it have begun to suspect that Malti Devi’s aims were not to turn Anupama into a dancer. Was she planning to bring her to America and make her as a slave?

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Anupama Fans Believe Malti Devi has secret plan

‘Why is Malti Devi acting as though she has a hidden agenda?’ wrote one person. Retweeting this, a person said, ‘I have no idea why, but I still think Malti Devi has a secret objective to move Anupama to America, that has nothing to do about her talent!’

On the other hand, a few individuals are making jokes about Guru Maa because of her rage. Many such comments have surfaced on social media, with one person labeling actress Apara Mehta a jailer and another a hated criminal. So it remains to be seen whatever Guru Maa’s truth is. Only the creators will have access to the solution.